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    • The problem with populism is it's often just sound bites that people like.  They hear something they like, have no idea if it's feasible or what needs to be done to make it happen, then get really worked up about it.  Elitism, or whatever you want to call it, is our chosen form of government.  We are supposed to elect a few experts that can navigate the nuance and complexities of major legislation and policy.  Populism gets votes, sure, but I'm with Yabo - it's got a lot of room to be awful. 
    • Thanks in part to the sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church is less of an integral part of life in Ireland today, so that may help.  There is a younger generation that grew up after the Troubles.  I've seen some BBC interviews and most of the younger generation just want to keep living they way they are, it's the older generation who start with "there's no way in hell . . . ."    I wonder whether if the question came down to border walls vs. some sort of guaranteed autonomy within the Irish Republic how much of the Protestant vote would be to stay in the Republic.  And yes, I'm talking out of my ass on that one because who knows how representative those interviews were relative to the voting public.
    • oh, I'm sorry. Are we not allowed to bring incidents like this to light? I know I made a bit of a joke out of it, but people like this store clerk are not just uncivll, they're potentially violent. Imagine if an adult employee of a business said F-you to a boy in an Obama hat or t-shirt who was just browsing in a store. We'd be hearing about to this very day. It's sad you don't see how dangerous these people are to the well being of a our society. 
    • Come on, Yabo. I'm no Bernie-bro by any stretch but to paint his ideas as radical just because you disagree with them is a big reach. Lots of smart people think the GND or something similar is not only good but absolutely necessary. Lots of smart people think that national single-payer insurance is the moral and economically right thing to do. To label progressive ideas as "populist" and say they have never done anything for the country is completely ignoring history. Let's ignore the dismantling of political machines, trust busting, the New Deal, the GI Bill, the establishment of the National Park System, the Interstate Highway Act. All those things were progressive and considered at the time by many to be radical and populist. I know you know that. 
    • The problem, though, is that it appears it was done for personal gain and not as a strategic political move.  This shouldn't turn into an argument about if that move is the right move for the region or not, it's about how once again this admin is trying to circumvent the appropriate processes for personal enrichment. 
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