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  1. amazon is taking one million sq ft of the citigroup tower in court square for 5k of the 25k employees and building a waterfront campus for the rest by the east river: https://www.6sqft.com/see-the-waterfront-site-in-long-island-city-where-amazon-will-bring-its-new-mixed-use-campus/
  2. ^ i believe chase have bought or have plenty of air rights and that isnt a concern. and it is as of right so that eases the process. as for footage i read you get like 5000 employees per million sq ft, so i dont think they could get more than 12,500 staff in there. idont think it will go over 1600’ either, although that would be amazing. and yes a crown would be ideal. definitely want a crown and no flat top or so-called spire.
  3. ^ no, these arent those kind of sro or hot sheet hotels, they are illegal hidden hotels geared to travelers. *** foster was chosen by chase to build 270 park. it will be either 1400’+ or about 1600’. it will be about 2.5M sq ft and 12k employees and have grand central access. the existing 1961 union carbide building is the largest intentional tower demo. https://www.cityrealty.com/nyc/market-insight/features/the-new-skyline/jpmorgan-chase-plans-enclosed-public-plaza-metro-north-access-1400-foot-tall-headquarter-building/25461
  4. that is great to hear --- i always though penta could be expanded on what they do -- nice to see its growing.
  5. during hurricane or superstorm sandy or whatever yacallit I was doing dishes with the kitchen window open listening to the storm raging around outside and I heard a loud boom. then I heard super come out. I said I better go see what that was so I went out and saw the facade of a building on the corner by us collapsed.luckily no one got hurt. it turns out it was an illegal hotel. they only advertised in europe or something. it was quite obvious and funny because all the rooms were the same. there is another one right across the street from us even today, so these kinds of things still exist. I had some pics but lost them of the sandy facade collapse, but I found some online:
  6. mrnyc

    nyc instagrammed XXVII

    spring and summer entertainment in this set provided by: jay-z, the boss on broadway, terrance blanchard, mbv, oshun, david thomas and pere ubu, luna and britta phillips, salt cathedral, amanda palmer and neil gaiman, rammellzee (r.i.p.), the battery electric, hamilton leithauser, duckie simpson and black uhuru, stephin merritt and magnetic fields, book of love and belle and sebastian.
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    nyc instagrammed XXVII

    aww rats (yes it’s a banksy) --- it’s time to go for now --- *** i hope you enjoyed this past spring & summer’s insta session ***
  8. spring into summer --- all around the town --- jinkees it’s a long thread --- chillax & enjoy!
  9. i walked by the downtown brooklyn 9 dekalb (340 flatbush ave) site we are all waiting and waiting on and i have great news — its definitely on. actual tower site foundation work behind the bank bldg was a-happening.
  10. the woodside jollibee was the first in ny. i looked it up and i see the first in the usa was in daly city cali in 1998. agree, like bagels its good, but nothing special.
  11. mrnyc

    NFL: General News & Discussion

    this might be a terrible record — the redskins lost three starters for the season — two guards and a wr: https://riggosrag.com/2018/11/05/redskins-lose-3-offensive-starters/amp/
  12. ^ now that is a great sight -- those are the pics I have been waiting to see!
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    up in michigan

    ^ yep --- thats exactly how i saw it too --- thanks.
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    Ohio Music

    this one would hold up the top shelf well in a best biker metal song contest
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    Ohio Music

    i just heard christmas wrapping the other day out and i thought -- whoa too soon. rip clevelander patty donohue and trivia chris butler got shot at at kent state.