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  1. It's the fake it till you make it urban growth strategy!
  2. JYP

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    I think pedestrian annoyance and collision from scooters (and bikes on sidewalks) will encourage more demand for bike lanes. They are so popular and so annoying that eventually, people will demand action beyond "enforcement."
  3. The hang-up with the bar had to do with a combination of delays getting the property transferred and getting funding secured to gap finance the bar. These things take time. I think the unfortunate thing is that most times developers rush to announce a new bar or restaurant to generate buzz or lure investors but the gap between announcement and opening is so long that it gives the impression everything is moving at a snail's pace.
  4. Those buildings were demolished in 2008/2009 in anticipation for residual development from the casino (which never came). It was really the predecessor to Kevin Wright (who left earlier this year) that demolished the buildings. The guy was very old school and Kevin and the group of people that came after him were not. They would have saved them if they could but the buildings were already gone.
  5. Still waiting for that pizza puff wave... Lol!
  6. JYP

    Cincinnati City Council

    I worked for two cities that had executive session and have attended a few of those "closed door meetings." Often times they actually remove or reduce the politics around certain issues. EC can be invoked for personnel issues (hiring/firing/etc.), land acquisition, and pending litigation. These are sensitive areas for city leaders to consider and having them potentially be out in the open before actually made it harder for the city to deal with these types of issues effectively.
  7. Not anymore! With the elimination of parking requirements in OTR and downtown at least. Still applies outside of the parking district though.
  8. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend from out of town recently. He commented on the pace of development in Cincinnati and basically said in a hot real estate market, developers know that delays like this cost them money. Every day a development is not finished is a day they are not making money on the project. So why is there not a lot of urgency in the Cincinnati urban core? One cause is the small number of developers in the mix (almost all are local). Another is that developments get caught up in the entitlement process. Another is the lack of investors (the same people can only invest so much in a certain amount of time). Another is the labor pool, labor is expensive and there are not enough workers in the region. Another is the cost of construction does not line up with the price of the product so they need a financing gap. In a hot market like Nashville, investors are putting down money hand over fist to build whatever. The city's FBC actually makes the entitlement process easy and the way Tennessee does TIF districts is pretty loose. Put that on top of a population that grows 100 people a day and you have a sure bet, so developers get moving ASAP.
  9. These things take time. Some concepts have been advanced for that space but the operator we were working with decided now was not the right to expand. 3CDC tends to like operators that are proven and may already be within their stable of tenants. It's not fair but it's cautious and conservative. On the other end, this region does not have a large talent pool of restaurant/bar/retail operators. We are getting there with the success of places like Findlay Kitchen, but its one of the regions biggest blind spots. As for chain retail, the problem is that most regional retail reps for large retailers are very suburban minded and are still looking at drive-time maps and using outdated historical data showing most urban cores neighborhoods as declining. Most large retailers tend to think whatever is at Newport Pavillion/NOTL as their "downtown location" because it's within a 5 minute drive time from downtown. This is the type of conventional thinking in the industry that holds urban places back. Its especially prevalent in Cincy because of the negative narrative for downtown still somehow is ingrained in these peoples minds, despite facts showing otherwise.
  10. JYP

    Cincinnati City Council

    I support the Executive Session charter amendment. It sounds counterintuitive but it actually depoliticizes certain issues because people can speak freely on sensitive issues (like personnel, pending litigation, acquisition of property). It likely would have led to a more civil handling of the City Manager issue.
  11. https://cagis.hamilton-co.org/opal/apd.aspx?entcode=cinc&ezstdadrtag=100|W|4TH|ST|GJ1487730802|||CINC|CINC|014500010304001004|014500010304|014500010304|CINCINNATI&APD=2017P03857 When all the fields have green circles with checkmarks on them they can begin!
  12. Most of these deals take years, even after announced to finally get under way. My guess is that the Race St project (the one by Washington Park right?) is one of three plays in this city by Steiner and they are going to move on the one that is the easiest path forward (the Columbia Tusculum development). Race Street might be next but it comes down to timing. I'd love for it, and so many other projects to happen tomorrow or even a year from now. But most of the time that's not realistic. As for Grammars, it looks like the buildings are at least being maintained. I saw some scaffolding on one of the buildings the other day. My guess is everything is in a holding pattern until ownership of the site is cleared up.
  13. I meant Western and Southern in regards to the new HQ.
  14. I could see this actually helping the Lindners for when they eventually redevelop their HQ to an office tower in a few years.
  15. Landed late Sunday night at CVG from a trip and had to wait for the Uber in the parking lot behind the baggage claim (Gate 10/TANK bus stop). The Uber driver said they moved the pick-up location to there a month ago. It's a bit odd, but it works better because the ride-share vehicles no longer have to wait in the Cell Phone Lot.