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  1. ^^I am getting an error message trying to access CU for this article. Hopefully just a temporary problem.
  2. Toddguy

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    I agree with the street going north....but I just wonder where they could put an underpass? They already have a street(with a very narrow access point off Nationwide)leading into the weird triangle parcel. That would need a long underpass though given the current track situation-at least 150 feet I think. I don't know if there is room to get an underpass off of Huntington park lane due north. Maybe a road extending between the old casino site itself and the 7 plus acre area to the west, going under the tracks right by the freeway-but I wonder about flooding and other issues as well with an underpass. It is such a strange and difficult area with the interstate and railroads cutting it up but I agree I good access road North would help. Too bad there is no place to take it across the Scioto into Franklinton-again because of all the railroad tracks. The Scioto Peninsula and East Franklinton just do not connect to the north at all.
  3. Do they still have some more air rights that they can acquire for that site? Do you think they will try to get them and go for the 15,000 capacity mark? I also hope they go for the taller(more expensive, less likely) tower that is of right, and that Foster can think outside the box and diagrids and come up with something that at least has a decent crown and does not meet the air with the resounding crunch of a rather large flat top.
  4. Toddguy

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    No I prefer to do it with the masses Tomorrow.
  5. Toddguy

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    Dammit I want Cordray so bad I can't stand it. I hope these are right.
  6. Well thank God this is not the final 'complete' version and they (hopefully) can raise the rest of the money to finish it. So basically it is open but NOT finished...
  7. ^^ well good. No great loss there and that area needs more development. It is like it's own small downtown (and kind of is given that Old North Columbus was a town before it got annexed by the city.) That area is ripe for developments IMO. Plenty of places for infill and it is NOT controlled by Clintonvillains.
  8. Toddguy

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    Does Cordray really have a chance to win? I have not been following as closely as I should. I can't stand Dewine.
  9. Toddguy

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    If the Crew is saved, then must become a Browns fan. Just the way it is. I do like orange and brown together lol.
  10. ^^ I like how the first photo shows how they really did not skimp with the landscaping. Seems they really packed in some fairly mature trees and not just some scraggly saplings. They might want to put in some flower beds or low shrubs or something on the river and Broad st. sides IMO. Compared to the park part, it just looks a bit too sterile, especially with the modern architecture. I know they want the building to be completely visible, but I think some low plantings/beds might be in order. The picture posted at 4:14 with just the bare metal railing looks a bit harsh. maybe a low hedge on the other side of it or something? It seems like there is just a little too much plain old grass...just sayin' and all.
  11. If that piece is just blank on the east side I will be ok with it. As long as it has windows on the north and south sides. It does look fairly prominent on the last pic that ColDayMan just posted so it can't just be a big ugly lump looking like a tumor or a parasitic twin hanging on the thing.
  12. Toddguy

    Columbus: Historic Photos

    We are so lucky that here in Columbus we escaped the large scale urban renewal clearance that other cities had to deal with! /sarcasm. Interesting before and after views at the link, http://gatehousenews.com/cbusnext/interactive-graphics/ *is that one little place by High the Centrum skating rink? Was it still there at that time?
  13. ^^^ I love that this and the Long and Fourth building are being restored to their former glory. We need these brick structures that are still standing, especially if they are more than 2 floors. Just like how the Matan(sp?) building going up in Riversouth preserved the very nice 3 floor brick building by building around it. As downtown (hopefully-no recession!) continues to infill with new buildings, these will help tie everything together a bit and add a bit of character. God knows that in their current state they are nothing but eyesores. What were they thinking in the 60's and 70's?
  14. I just happened to check back in here right after you posted this lol. And yeah, it really has never seemed attached to downtown anyway. Hopefully it will be developed and will be a nice transition to East Franklinton. Although I am sure I heard Hugh DeMoss refer to it as the west side of downtown back in 198.... LOL. ? *why they ever chose a company from an out-of-state rival like Indy....