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  1. How can a so-called "arts district" look so utterly conformist and corporate?
  2. I'm not a traffic engineer obviously, but in my opinion four way stops would back-up traffic up considerably. That is a heavily traveled route.
  3. I use them everyday as a driver and pedestrian. By any measure they're a drastic improvement.
  4. Great. Anyone who has been to Ingenuity there can attest that those existing warehouses can work out.
  5. surfohio

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    So Lue wasn't on the same page as the owner and gm. And we had to go ten games into the season to find this out? This is organizational disarray, plain and simple.
  6. surfohio

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    So why fire Lue then?
  7. surfohio

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    And sign Kevin Love? This team makes no sense. They don't even tank the right way.
  8. surfohio

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    I was all set to get behind the team this year. The org and players have all but made that impossible. They've ruined basketball for me.
  9. You're so right. Here's a video I shot there recently.
  10. surfohio

    The Trump Presidency

    Ha! Well Blackwater is more interesting to read about. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academi
  11. surfohio

    The Trump Presidency

    Whitewater to BJ.
  12. There does need to be a more cohesive, sensible walkway connecting the attractions within North Coast Harbor. There is just no pedestrian flow. Hopefully the bridge is a start to seeing an actual plan to address the suburban disjointedness.
  13. ^ In this context does "market" mean to promote, or to sell off?
  14. I saw on Facebook last night there are many lamenting the impending demise of Bobby Os, soon to be torn down for condos. [edit: spellling]
  15. ^ Nice to see my old employer is doing well.