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  1. Bezos must be a low key country music fan I guess.
  2. HCB Staff has denied the demolition of 819 Elm St. To recall, the developer wanted to demolish the historic building in place of a taller, more dense unit building with an additional child care center. On one hand the HCB is right, they ownership had ownership of the building since 2012 and has made no effort to preserve the building what so ever. Also, there are plenty of surface lots nearby that could be redeveloped, so I'm not sure why they are purchasing and attacking a historic building in a historic overlay district, when there are so many unused surface lots nearby. Is it really that more expensive to purchase a large surface lot instead, and redevelop that lot, rather than to go through the hassle of getting approval from zoning board and the HCB?
  3. 1505 and 1513 Republic St were approved for Rehab for a total of 15 units in the latest HCB Packet. Good to see some added density being added lately into these historic rehab projects. I swear 3-4 years, most of these historic structures were all being converted into Single Family Homes, lately it seems most of the conversions have been for dense multi units.
  4. So how do we make "Cincinnati being famous for just being famous"...
  5. troeros

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    When will CVG experience a true renovation? Many first time visitors to cincinnati are coming out of CVG. CVG is our "gateway" in some respects, as most airports are. The old 80's style carpet..the dead stores inside the terminals...Its kind of depressing and looks like an outdated abandoned mall in many respects.
  6. With Pins opening next week this will change the foot traffic for Main ST OTR forever. So many times, you will go to Main St on the weekdays and the pedestrian traffic would be sparse at best. Pins in columbus is always packed even on the weekdays. Look at 16 bit on walnut st, and how that one spot creates such foot traffic because it's such a huge and popular draw...same will apply from now on with Main St.
  7. I mean I get that, but Portland and Austin (IMO) have had the same memorable effect (if not more so) and I would argue that while they are experiencing resonating growth, it's not in the same league compared to Nashville. 2. Sure, but many large Nashville projects have faltered as well, just look at their recent failed public transit project. Also, I don't really think acronyms matters for the success of a downtown. I've met many out of towners who thought OTR was our downtown the first time they came to cincy. When cities rise, it's because they are pulling in jobs. Industries look at the city, and say I want to move their. What's making these industries move to Nashville...none of those reasons DEPACincy really ring true IMO.
  8. So this is kind of related to cincinnati, kinda not. Amazon announced Nashville will be getting an amazon corporate tower in downtown nashville with 5,000 new workers and high paying jobs. I remember nashville as a little kid, teenager. It was always a mid sized city that had a strong base with country music. Obviously that's grown a bit over the years....But I've always been scratching my head as to why Nashville is the new, "BIG" city. I drove by, construction cranes everywhere. There skyline is growing at a crazy fast pace. Towers popping up everywhere...and all I can do is ask where, how, who, why? I understand the country music industry has some effect, but why are all of these jobs relocating to Nashville? What's causing this? What resource is nashville pulling in that makes every new resident and job to move there? And how can cincinnati replicate this? Nashville makes me jealous, because it's growth is what I've wanted to see from cincy...and they were literally identical sized cities a decade ago, and now nashville just went crazy...
  9. troeros

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    So the did the food hall that was supposed to occur in the leaders furniture building on the elm street side fall apart?
  10. OTR Main St continues to be on fire with its late night offering. Babushka Perogies opening up a Perogie late night take out window, and full service vodka bar at the former royal spot. Pins, Platform, and Babushka are all supposed to be open by end of December.
  11. Can someone confirm that 1518 Race was recommended from staff for approval? These packets get kind of confusing to decipher sometimes.... Im gathering from this it was: The backlash from the community is quite head scratching. They are calling out the density for the project, 15 units...You would think you would want increased density in OTR, which would not only create added foot traffic and allow more eyes on the street to deter any drug dealing or crime, but also supplement nearby businesses with new residents who will be spending their money 7 days a week in otr.
  12. Legit question...is there even a middle class in NYC anymore? Or is it essentially incredibly wealthy expats, and wealthy generational families? My past vacation to NYC, mind you for 3 days, cost me over 5k. My hotel, was modest at best. I just didn’t want anything w/ cockroaches and bedbugs. Cost me 575$ a night. Again MODEST at BEST. Probably a 2.5 star hotel in most cites. The restaurants were out of control. Why am I paying 9 bucks for a regular cup of coffee that I would normally buy for 2$? Why am I paying 24 dollars for a burger that would typically cost me 7$ at best...why is this Diet Coke 4$?!!! I see so many young people to...assuming they live in the city how in the hell are they affording this? Is mommy and daddy giving them blank checks ala carte essentially. I would take it a step further, how do public safety (cops, firefighters, EMT, etc) afford to live in the city? I have to imagine it’s penny pinching to the max if they do. The prices in NYC are becoming a utopia for the rich and wealthy. I’m surprised more folks aren’t creating a massive uproar about this. It’s literal insanity.
  13. Just saw some renderings that are floating around for the new infill building that will replace the Kroger site on Vine. Looks very akin to the Mercer Building imo.
  14. In the latest hcb packet it appears that 1518 Race Infill (15 units, ground floor retail) has been approved by the HCB. Also more pleasant st development. That street in 5 years will probably be completely built out at this rate.
  15. Is their anyone “in the know” with the current status of the race st infill project which was delayed because of a printing company occupying the space? Do we know if the printing company finally had left the space that was slated to be demolished? Also, this is an aside but I hope we figure out what (if any) plans there are for the last block of walnut st are/grammars Bar. The bar in particular is starting to look worse and worse, and that block of walnut is probably the least developed block in all of south of liberty. Hopefully we find out Wade will do, I still really liked those old renderings that were shown a few years ago. Sad it’s dead now.