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  1. It sounds like once they get an anchor tenant signed, they are ready to get started. I wonder how much space the anchor tenant will need to take up, and if there are any potential tenants that are actively looking for new space. I suggested Chipotle a while back given they are bringing more jobs here and moving out of their old office space, but I'm not sure if they would take up enough space to be an anchor tenant.
  2. I was clicking around this area on Google Maps yesterday and I was pretty impressed with the amount of suburban neighborhoods that are currently under construction. I know downtown and the Short North get most of the attention in terms of residential construction, but the amount of homes being built in Delaware County is pretty significant. It won't be long until the land between the Scioto River and Alum Creek is one giant suburb between Delaware and 270.
  3. The actual units look pretty nice based on the pictures, and the large windows will be nice I'm sure. The outside is atrocious though.
  4. Has anyone been past this site recently? Has construction started?
  5. cbussoccer

    John Glenn Columbus International Airport

    Starting in June Delta will offer direct flights between Columbus and Salt Lake City. This will bring the Delta's total nonstop destinations from Columbus to 13. https://www.10tv.com/article/delta-offer-nonstop-flights-between-columbus-and-salt-lake-city
  6. Wow! This design looks great in my opinion. Hopefully they can keep things on track and begin construction next summer as they stated in the article.
  7. I actually think 250 is a pretty decent looking building and I think they did a good job with an awkward plot of land. 80 Commons just looks so bad though. The only half decent portion is the portion that faces the park. That's an interesting point about the balconies. They definitely look awkward from a distance. I haven't been past their Gravity project in at least a month, but last time I drove by that, it was actually looking pretty good.
  8. If only the outside of the building looked as nice as the inside....
  9. I agree with you about 250 High. They did really will with that awkward lot. To your point about the smaller LC apartments, they definitely look small and will look even smaller with Millennial Tower, but from the street I think they look great.
  10. cbussoccer

    John Glenn Columbus International Airport

    Although Columbus lost its daily Southwest flight to Oakland, it has now added a daily flight to SFO on United. Round trip tickets will start at $400. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20181015/columbus-lands-nonstop-united-airlines-flight-to-san-francisco
  11. cbussoccer

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Official announcement could be coming today....
  12. cbussoccer

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Let's just say there will be a connection to another Ohio pro sports team....
  13. cbussoccer

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Very good news will likely be coming fairly soon regarding the saving of the Crew. Stay tuned.
  14. There is a tiny sliver of a surface lot next to the Greystone Apartments. I will be interested to see if anything ever gets built there. https://www.google.com/maps/@39.9788161,-83.0038624,3a,75y,293.62h,92.48t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_viBKtt_mdVda082kOrVPg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656