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  1. While I wish we were getting more tech jobs, unfortunately all the workers in the building will only be relocated from other aging offices here on campus.
  2. dastler

    Gentrification News & Discussion

    Cleveland Bricks is really pushing the Cudell market right now. They have two listings for 1.2k/month. Additionally, there is a townhouse next to West Tech with new owners that was just renovated and listed for 1.2k, while one of the infill houses next to West Tech is listed at 220k and an older century house a block over is at 100k. The price shift has been very sudden. Ironically I ended up renting less than a block from there from $985. Love the place even if the neighborhood is very much still "up and coming".
  3. Congrats! I lived at the Edison and my girlfriend lived on 50th near Lorain until we moved in together. I'd say you're fine safety wise along with the normal near inner city stuff. Lock your car doors, don't leave stuff visible, etc. Probably invest in a security system and put the sign out front. Beyond that you're great! Check out Luxe's patio when you get a chance before the summer ends, my girlfriend is the female bartender there :)
  4. Forest city indeed! Some cool photos
  5. dastler

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    I haven't been down there in a while, but in general I find that "very unsafe" in any news publication is synonymous with "more than one crime per month". When you consider how many people visit the area on a given day/night I would be more surprised if there wasn't any crime than the opposite.
  6. Has anything more come of this? I saw https://www.facebook.com/GordonSquare/posts/10156121657180856 on the Gordon Square Arts District page and they talk about it like the signage is for sure happening.
  7. For those that care, Cake's tour page listed InCuya as of a few days ago. I just checked today and it's no longer listed.
  8. dastler

    Gentrification News & Discussion

    Cool, thanks for the advice guys!
  9. dastler

    Gentrification News & Discussion

    Any chance you could share the data Ken? I'm starting to look at purchasing a home myself and would like to get some more insight on the market. I'd love to fix up a house while I'm in it, purchase and renovate another home after the first is done, then move and rent out the first while I renovate a third, and repeat. I'm looking in Clark-Fulton and Stockyards mostly, but if the right home came up in Detroit-Shoreway or Ohio City I'd consider purchasing there as well. I'm mostly worried about dumping $30-50k into a home in some of these areas and then never getting any of that money back if I ever do sell. I think they'd cash flow pretty well in the $700-$1000/month range though, and with the Metrohealth campus upgrade along with investment in Clark-Fulton there might actually be some value appreciation. I think that neighborhood is ripe for the next wave of gentrification because of its proximity to Ohio City and Tremont. What do you think?
  10. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2017/08/04/lyndhurst-native-plans-rock-climbing-gym-for-ohio-city-masonic-arts-center-building Found some more information on the rock climbing gym going in to the old masonic arts center. Not sure when this was published, but it mentions an August 2018 opening which is pretty far off from the original March date: https://fitt.co/cleveland/cleveland-rocks-indoor-climbing-gym-is-set-to-open-in-2018/
  11. dastler

    Cleveland Mayoral Race 2017

    So, does anyone have a feel for whether Jackson or Reed will be better for putting more construction cranes in Cleveland's skyline?
  12. According to the article from Crain's there's just about 45 acres down there although much of it is already taken up other buildings and tenants. 45 acres is just under 2M square feet, meaning 8 million sq ft of office would only be four floors of building... much too small for many of the posters on here :-P In all seriousness though, as a resident of Cleveland what can I do to ensure that someone from the city is submitting a proposal? Perhaps that is a discussion for another thread though.
  13. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170907005717/en/ Amazon is looking to build a new HQ in another city. Does anyone else think that Scranton Peninsula would be a great spot for it? With their new amazon locker downtown and the new fulfillment center coming to North Randall I think this could be something that's actually possible! How do we go about making sure that Cleveland submits a good proposal for this?
  14. Old City Libations shutting down starting Saturday 9/9/17. https://www.facebook.com/oldcitylibations/posts/391026681311778
  15. Downtown really needs a Target or something similar. It would probably work better in tower city, but even having it far flung out by the lake would be a godsend for downtown residents.