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  1. I'm hopeful for a substantial change in activity over the next few years along Euclid. With all the projects currently under construction (CAC, Halle, Beacon, JHB, Lumen, 925, Terminal Tower, May Co.) we're looking at over 2,000 new units along the corridor between PS and 17th. I have to think that kind of density will do good things for retail.
  2. Heard there was some very fierce debate at the duck island block club regarding the RTA's land along columbus. Many feel that losing that much tree cover would be a shame and proponents of the redline greenway are concerned that the greenway becomes a little trail stuck between two chain-link fences.
  3. @KJP You mentioned in a blog post that Brickman sold his land and development plans to somebody. Care to elaborate? "The project and its properties were sold by an Andrew Brickman-led company to a nationally prominent real estate developer which seeks to increase the scale of the project."
  4. like this one? https://www.knez.net/neighborhoods/the-nikolai-7168
  5. It's astounding to me that you can make enough money on parking to cover your taxes. That you can just sit and wait for the land to appreciate or the right opportunity to come along. Even if that is 25, 30 years.
  6. KJP- Your article is fueling a major NIMBY fire on the Ohio City Community facebook page.
  7. Would be really cool to see a map of who owns what along detroit between 33rd and 58th. That corridor could be ripe for change but there are so many different little pieces with (I believe) lots of different owners. I know there are some chunks up for sale right now as well.
  8. Does anybody know what happened with the little project on detroit between 38th and 45th? I recall a few condos in that triangular lot with some facing Wheat court?
  9. Even better than I imagined.... https://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2018/08/chicago-area_developer_has_gra.html
  10. Must have been the winds. Nothing to do with the lack of anything else interesting adjacent or any seating...
  11. Enter the perfect place for Wojton to realize his vision: the historic Ohio City Masonic Center at 2831 Franklin Blvd. “For the last five or six years, I’ve been looking to start a rock climbing wall in Cleveland,” he explains. “I’ve seen what rock climbing walls have done for other cities. I looked at 30 different buildings.” When Wojton looked at the Masonic Center in January, he knew he had found his future site. “This building’s great,” he says of the mysterious and foreboding building. “We couldn’t have a better location.” A $2.4 million renovation and construction plan is now underway on the 1932 building to create Cleveland Rocks—one of the largest rock climbing gyms in Ohio, alongside a yoga studio space, and the technology-driven Flux Makerspace. The project should create 18 jobs. http://www.freshwatercleveland.com/breaking-ground/CleRocks080118.aspx
  12. https://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/features/business/wolstein-group-pushes-ahead-next-phase-of-flats-east-bank/article_e191ad64-8f47-11e8-9f8b-2b30f1334d19.html If all goes well, Wolstein hopes to continue to develop the Flats East Bank space. “We’re only at the halfway point of this project,” he said. “If the demand continues, and I think it will, we could build upwards for 2000 units on the site and create a real city within a city. That is remarkable.”
  13. People are raising families in ohio city and its making homes in the neighborhood wildly expensive. Lots of families want to live there but are priced out. Also, Fresh Brewed Tees is taking over the old Whiskey/Grade location: https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/07/fresh_brewed_tees_opening_reta.html
  14. The powers that be are very reluctant to have any more bars along W25th. There is concern that it will turn into W 6th street and then fall into chaos and vacancy. Even when townhall was proposing to move in, there was a fair amount of pushback on that project. Many of the current residents want it to be a neighborhood, not a bar district.