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  1. It will be interesting to see what Zack Reed does with him in the midst of campaigning.
  2. Again, look at Amraps comment. Jobs also equal more forward thinking, common sense residents.
  3. Exactly. It would be a total waste to locate that much office space here. It should be more concentrated in the core not spread all about to create even more islands downtown. I wouldn't say the FEB is all that accessible to the rest of downtown and there's offices and apartments there. We were down there last night, and I was shocked at how many people were playing volleyball at 10pm. There was literally a line of teams waiting their turn. The Mexican restaurant was jammed too. Probably my proudest moment as a Clevelander. It proved that if you build it they will come...in Cleveland. And that is if you build it right with enough mixed use. While we were there, people were getting off the Goodtime, getting off they're boat, the group next to us just landed at Burke, and people were playing volleyball.
  4. gotribe

    Cleveland: Retail News

    Of course Cleveland would have been just like Atlanta, Columbus and Indianapolis had we seen a much stronger economy over the past 40 years like they did. Slow to no job growth and slow to no metro population growth (which is directly tied to jobs moving out) is essentially why we don't see the sprawl that other metros do. Its definitely not because we thwarted it in the 1960s and lead a mission to not let our city sprawl like others were at the time. We bled our inner city of roughly 65% of its residents, and set up a new "camp" for them, and us, about 15 miles further out. However, duri g the 60's and 70's when the inner rings were growing like mad because of the bleeding, I think there was this perceived notion by many that the region was growing like it always had been in the early 20th century, and we reacted as such with more freeway lanes and other infrastructure upgrades. That is what we are paying for today.
  5. I just wish I could get from downtown Medina to downtown Cleveland on a bus without it taking over 2 hours.
  6. It looks like they serve beer there? Did I see that right?
  7. I think I was the only one who mentioned Medical Mutual in the Playhouse Square tower thread. And I never mentioned anything about FEB.... Unless Weston grabs one of the new headquarters for Medical Mutual or Sherwin Williams, or possibly an East Coast company relocating their back-office operations in a lower-cost market like Cleveland. That doesn't mean MM won't go to FEB. It's entirely possible. There were lots of proposed uses and site plans for the area north of Front Street to the Norfolk Southern freight tracks, as well as between the NS tracks and inside the Waterfront Line loop. It even included a corporate headquarters for Eaton Corp. inside the Waterfront Line loop. Too bad that never happened. And I can remember back to when was a possible DFAS location.
  8. The article states that the Huntington building started last year with a build out of a Hilton curio and apartments. Has that project in fact started? If so I missed that one!
  9. If I remember right, Turner had the garage and Donleys was the cement contractor.
  10. Was it bidding for CM yesterday? Maybe general trades? I don't think they could have come this far without a CM or owners rep selected yet.
  11. I see this as a way for Dave's to catch people driving home from work down Chester or Euclid to stop in on their way home, versus trying to cater to a neighborhood. That had to be the motive here.
  12. gotribe

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    Great! Now hopefully we can hold on to GE.
  13. I think they should look at Cedar Fair as a financial backer and offer profit sharing in earned revenue. CF could also advertise on the cable cars and the monitors inside them. Maybe Cedar Fair season ticket holders could pay a bit more to ride it unlimited.
  14. Of course it will fill up quick, just like all the apartment conversions have, but at what price point. We all know that there has to be a lucrative return to get the banks jazzed about loaning these guys money toward new construction. Thats obviously the missing link in most of these deals. The demand is there but the higher price points are just hard to achieve at this point. I think were getting there though.
  15. No tower crane needed. The Snavely project is only going to be five stories tall. Right, but regardless of the height, I don't think there's anywhere to put a walking crane where it could still boom out all the way across the site. That it a tight site. Unless they closed a lane on Detroit to stage a crane.