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  1. Clevelumbus

    UrbanOhio's 5000th Member!!!

    #23.. Coming up on 8 years. 1/22
  2. Clevelumbus

    Bogota + Villa de Leyva

    Thanks for sharing, looks like a great time!
  3. Clevelumbus

    Co11Day Tours: Indianapolis

    Some really quality photos! Awesome!
  4. Clevelumbus

    Above Metro Detroit

    ^ Hamtramck, which is an enclave of Detroit.
  5. Clevelumbus

    Above Metro Detroit

    I believe those are the old Boblo Island boats. Boblo Island is a defunct island amusement park that you had to take the ferry to reach. http://www.boblosteamers.com/history.html
  6. Clevelumbus

    Above Metro Detroit

    ^Here's a shot of some of the freighters near Port Huron/Sarnia.
  7. Clevelumbus

    Above Metro Detroit

    Here you go... Birmingham Ann Arbor (best I got..)
  8. Clevelumbus

    Favorite City Street Names?

    Baseline Road (8 Mile west of Detroit) Telegraph Ave. (Oakland, Calif.) and Telegraph Road (Metro Detroit) I'm cool with numbered streets, but dislike numerical ones, like DC's.
  9. Clevelumbus

    Ithaca, New York

    ^ I wouldn't sell Asheville so short... Both beautiful places, but with the gorges/waterfalls right in town and the large lake near by, Ithaca may have the edge geographically. I preferred Asheville as a 'city'.
  10. Clevelumbus

    Ithaca, New York

    ^ Funny thing is, I was only there for 5 hours! Where did you end up going? Cornell is a good school (In the Architecture and Planning fields anyway)!
  11. Clevelumbus

    Cumberland, Maryland

    Great city and great pics!