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  1. If you zoom in, the address seems to show West 25 Street
  2. CbusTransit

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    60% of employed people living in Akron’s MSA also work in the Akron MSA. that is, 191,132 are both employed and live in the Akron msa 127,817 are employed in the Akron MSA but live outside it 127,573 live in the Akron MSA but are employed outside it so yes, for those percentages, the denominator is total number of people with jobs living in the MSA
  3. CbusTransit

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    According to the Census’ OnTheMap program, in 2015, the following percent of employed workers both lived and worked within their MSA: Cleveland: 83.9% of people that lived in the MSA worked in the MSA Akron: 60.0% Columbus: 85.2% Detroit: 86.4% Cincinnati: 84.0% Pittsburgh: 89.2%
  4. CbusTransit

    Development vs Cleveland City Hall

    Of course developers are walking away. It may not be huge developers of skyscrapers, but if you are a small business, an out of town business, or just somebody trying to fix up your house, the regulations and insanely confusing process stops people from making investments. I sat on a historic design review committee in the City. To get something done in our district, you had to email a member of the district—a resident volunteer—and request a meeting. We were volunteers not staffers. There was no staff assigned to us. It was just a random developer emailing a random citizen to get our approval. If we missed a deadline or didn’t respond, we slowed down a developer. Our district worked well, but others? Projects could be stalled for months waiting for random joe neighbor to email back—and that was before the developer even entered city hall. The runaround is real and I had more than one developer say they would never work in the city again (and I never saw them again).
  5. Anyone notice the subtle Target-icons theme of that brochure? It could be a complete coincidence
  6. The big Hamburg cruise ship is in port today. Pretty neat looking ship!
  7. If you remember correctly, the second highest ranked option for police headquarters was 2001 Payne avenue. Might be an attractive fall-back
  8. Cleveland dot com has the story now as well. With some details. https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/09/cleveland_backs_out_of_deal_to.html#incart_river_index
  9. CbusTransit

    Columbus: Crime & Safety Discussion

    I lived across the street from Kroger for a couple years. Yes the area between south campus gateway and fifth avenue is a tiny bit shadier than other parts of high street, but I never had an issue in the time I lived there. I just walked with my headphones in and my music off so no one would ask me for money and I still had my wits about me. I would walk home from OSU at two in the morning no problem.
  10. Hahahahaha. Westlake. I ride that bus every morning and evening. It is standing room only every time I step on the 55. And ridership on the route has gone up 20% since they added the bus lane. That’s a fact, not an observation.
  11. Anyone know the full bounds of the site? Is it the entire south side of breakwater from 65 to 58?
  12. CbusTransit

    Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

    sorry, yea. The one showing Lorain to Aurora being the most promising commuter rail route
  13. CbusTransit

    Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

    Is there an existing study on that kjp? I’d love to read it
  14. Kjp—Yes I understand that’s how traditional casinos work. And that’s exactly why it doesn’t matter if you go to the downtown casino or the suburban ones. But that means the downtown casino needs to differentiate itself, and if it is the same suburban casino but smaller, harder to get to, fewer amenities and less parking, then it’s going to lose the market. By billing the downtown casino as a different experience, it can be more successful in the marketplace. Just because casinos traditionally don’t want you to look outside doesn’t mean that’s the right answer for this casino or for casinos going forward.
  15. The one thing I think Jack casino misses in downtown is that it is IN a downtown. But it is exactly the same as all the other casinos. I don’t necessarily know what that means, but what about a rooftop gaming level, windows that actually let you see outside, a viewing platform on the second floor overlooking public square. I just feel like they went for a suburban copy casino when it didn’t need to be.