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  1. This is the best and most accurate line so far in this conversation.
  2. ucgrady

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    This to me is the important part. I don't know if Korean Hot Chicken is enough on its own to start a full restaurant around, but in a Food Hall or Food Truck or even a kiosk in Findlay Market you can do one thing, however obscure, and do it well. We need more of this in Cincy. Even the new Zundo ramen place does tonkotsu ramen, miso ramen, donburi and has curry on the menu. This is too many things to any one of them perfectly, which is not how the japanese would do it, they would pick one and perfect it. Smaller establishments allow for more specialization and therefore more quality. The opposite of this is the former Crave space at the Banks that had a 12 page menu with everything from sushi to bbq to mexican to pizza. It was a cluster****.
  3. ucgrady

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    It's basically a food court, but sampling local eateries. Think North Market in Columbus, Ferry Terminal in San Francisco, Chelsea Market in New York. Chicago has a couple in the loop to cater to business workers including one called Revival Food Hall. On the more 'mainstream' side, the Kroger at Court and Walnut will have a food hall on the second floor featuring Eli's BBQ and an asian venue, along with their in-house Chicken Co and Pizza.
  4. ucgrady

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    Wasn’t a food hall supposed to move into the Leader Furnitire location? That’s where Seoul Hot Chicken was going to have their permanent location. Either way I hope one of them comes to fruition because it’s something needed in Cincinnati and what many out of towners (people used to Columbus’s North Market for instance) expect when they first visit Findlay.
  5. Originally was supposed to change hands at end of August, pushed back 6 months to February.
  6. All Screen is still using the space, the owner has serious health problems that have caused issues with the initial timeline. That's as far as I know.
  7. It's big and has a bunch of TVs and that ticker board. It could be the anchor sports bar for OTR, especially once FC Cincinnati starts up in the West End. Rhinehaus is good but small, maybe another popular sports bar needs to take it over like Holy Grail.
  8. Snappy also has the "Beast" pizza, named after the Kings Island coaster of course, that's enormous. They also have a great jingle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnTCTrfM-fc
  9. Off topic... but I recently watched Robocop for the first time expecting a campy 80's movie but that movie is ROUGH. Like a hard R-rating, surprisingly gory, surprisingly dark and like you said an interesting window on urban decay of the era. Another movie from that era is Candyman, similar display of late 80's early 90's urbanity. Hopefully this whole area gets a Washington Park/Zeigler Park like renewal (though a hardscape plaza, like a fountain square north) in the future because I think it could anchor that section of Vine street from Liberty to the curve up the hill. I personally think either Findlay or Grant playgrounds needs to become a 'center' to the brewery district that currently feels a bit disjointed.
  10. There was a story about this on WCPO where they discussed renovating the playground to try and encourage children/families to use the park, while removing all the tables and BBQs to reduce the number of adults loitering at the park. They also mentioned that the hope is to have the park open for next spring. Sounds like they are going to do a limited band-aid fix, which means future larger scale renovation would be easy in 5 years or so.
  11. At least if you go missing we know who the prime suspect is...
  12. Saying it's only talked about because of where it is, is like saying piazzas in Italy are only talked about because of where they are. Yes, that's the whole point. In a dense cramped downtown all the sudden there is a sea of hardscape with a brutalist building looming over it in a very Orwellian way. If it was in a less dense urban city, it wouldn't matter or have the same effect, exactly like the EPA in Cincinnati. The EPA is surrounded by fences, lawns, and driveways adjacent to 6-lane road; Boston's City Hall is surrounded by an urban plaza in downtown.
  13. SkyscraperPage.com forums, can't forget the 'Page'.
  14. From the drawings I've seen the structure remains concrete all the way up, no steel other than for the apartment partitions.
  15. Good location for all you luminauts/archinauts across the street. I would probably rather see more breweries moving into the brewery district, but I do love how Pendleton and OTR are getting connected better with this location and the new project one block North.