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  1. Amazing that Norton was able to buy that corner lot at 1600 Elm for only $25,000, less than four years ago.
  2. Nice choice of black & white for the shots. Thanks!
  3. kendall

    Inaugural thread

    Phenomenal composition!
  4. kendall

    City or Suburb

    Born and raised in small-town Michigan, spent the last five years in the urban core of Cincinnati.
  5. kendall

    Lima: West Market, etc.

    Great set; nice looking historic neighborhood and a fabulous mid-century Macy's.
  6. Uncle Woody's is desperately in need of interior remodeling, especially the back room. I imagine the opening of Mac's on McMillan hurt business because it is larger and looks cleaner. I think a new owner could be successful at the Woody's location if the place looked a bit more respectable inside.
  7. I forgot that I had commented in this thread. My wife and I bought one of the units in the Cooper and have been in about six months. We had a few workmanship issues with the renovation, but overall we are very pleased. I believe 38 of the 40 above-ground units have been sold, and the developer carved out 2 "garden" level units in the lower level that are currently on the market.
  8. Steubenville has a pretty good showing. That first and third buildings would hold their own in any of the 3 C's.
  9. kendall

    Iron Man

    My wife and I saw Iron Man over the weekend. She enjoyed it, and she is not inclined to enjoy comic books or science fiction. I thought it was great, not corny, and the humor was well-placed.
  10. Enzo's has always appeared to do a brisk lunch business the half dozen or so times I've been there. The food (sandwiches and salads) is excellent and the space is nice and modern. I hope they reopen soon.
  11. kendall

    Where to buy a suit in Cincinnati

    I'm assuming your husband won't need to wear the suit regularly, or he'd already know where to buy them. Jos. A. Bank is a great place to start, Brooks Brothers is probably going to be a bit too much to justify for a suit that will be worn only on occasion, in my opinion. You should look at Macy's too.
  12. Does that sign seriously say "Urban Renewal"? Sad...
  13. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that Mt. Adams was never a separate municipal entity.
  14. We stopped in for a beer at the newly reopened Grammer's tonight. The historic interior is beautiful but has been thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. There were 50 or more patrons, not bad for 8:30 with no food except pretzels and sausages. The emphasis was clearly on beers, with a well-edited selection favoring seasonal bock beers. Overall the atmosphere was great and I will definitely be returning.