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  1. ink


    ^Remember: Musk doesn’t have any real involvement in Hyperloop these days.
  2. I recently saw some updated renderings for the new Hilton expansion tower. The design is looking much sleeker than the original conceptual rendering. Seemed like the floorplates were a little larger and the building a couple stories shorter as well.
  3. ^My understanding from folks that have talked to Pizzuiti is that those buildings would be retained.
  4. All these mall-to-Amazon conversions in NE Ohio are terrific. I wish Amazon had done the same with Westland Mall in Columbus, instead of going to West Jefferson. The ownership of Westland probably complicates that possibility, however.
  5. ^ I live the diversity of heights/density and old/new buildings proposed. Instead of just wiping the slate clean and building uniform height buildings, it will feel much more like an organic block built over time. The Solazzo Building is really an awesome structure, so I'm glad to see that staying. The use of the term "industrial park" on the plan is probably a poor choice however.
  6. I did not realize that Lot 23 did extend all the way to Elm Street. Perhaps there is a way to do something creative at the corner of Elm and Mehring that is some type of public space that could be used for tailgating for the Bengals but would otherwise not look or function like a parking lot. I'd hope to see some development on Lot 25 and most of the norther part of Lot 27, however.
  7. ^Can we please get rid of that big box store right on Main Street...?
  8. I think it will do more than "jack." Investments like these have typically been catalysts for downtown revitalization, which can have a meaningful impact on regional reputation even if there are other major challenges citywide to address. The total cost of this project, given that the the primary funding source is city income tax, is where I have concern. The city could likely complete a project with a similar impact for half the cost, and they should be attracting more private philanthropy. Hamilton's new Marcum Park--a one block park downtown also designed by MKSK--was funded almost exclusively with a $3.5 million donation by the Marcum Family.
  9. They are in discussion with Kroger to locate in the new grocery food court on the second floor at Walnut and Court. They already do this in many of the Columbus Kroger marketplace locations. Not anymore. Krogers and Donatos have parted ways in Columbus because, from what I have heard at the water cooler, Donotos would not allow specific nutritional information on their products. Krogers now sells their own brand of take and bake pizza at all the local stores I visit.
  10. As a request, I find it appropriate for preservationists. The building is incredibly significant historically. If it evolved from a request to something legal or otherwise that was creating real roadblocks for the development, one could argue that it may be time for preservationists to give it up. This building is a real challenge and there may very well have to be big trade-offs from a preservation perspective, but starting the conversation off with a request for preservation is not totally ridiculous.
  11. Goodbye from Pawnee...
  12. ^I went to Miami and didn't lose my north-is-up expectation.
  13. ^This seems like a good compromise. Add some density and preserve the Packard-designed mansion.