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  1. TBideon

    Off Topic

    Holy god the last minutes of Sunny... one of the greatest television segments of all time, especially if you know the show and its characters. I'm still speechless.
  2. TBideon


    Jaysus, the bad guys just keep getting win after win. Can we all agree the 2000s have been brutal.
  3. TBideon


    At least I won't hear any more of those obnoxious, judgmental "DID YOU VOTE" questions. I swear 30 people must have asked yesterday, and they all had a negative intonation with the question. Clearly they wanted to chide those who didn't.
  4. TBideon

    US Economy: News & Discussion

    I'm just glad this October is over (Apple earnings tomorrow). What a mess, very reminiscent of the large drops after the first quarterly earning reports this year - and those weren't bad either despite the large-scale fluctuations during and after. A good balance of owning tech stocks, Dow 30, mutual funds (let's say Blackrock to be conservative), fully funded Roth IRA and 401k,, and above all PROPERTY, and you should be in decent shape. Unless you look at international bonds, meh, I wouldn't bother holding money there.
  5. TBideon

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    I don't inherently oppose more businesses having visibly armed, trained guards or employees; look at Israel for instance; hell, look at French synagogues these days; these are ugly times - but Trump is still a pile of shit (as are his supporters) and his comments were just as nonsensical and ignorant as always.
  6. TBideon

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    Yikes, another 8-10 dead or so. Bring on the normal bullshit platitudes.
  7. TBideon

    In The World: Saudi Arabia

    Ah, just another case of one or two rouge Saudi agents who took it too far and in no way represent the Saudi government. Sometimes they get confused by the peaceful messages of Wahhabism, but oh well, shit happens, god is great, women get to drive now, and Iran is the real enemy so let's talk about them some more instead. Open and shut case - next!
  8. TBideon

    Off Topic

    Ant Man and Wasp was absolutely hilarious. It may be my favorite post 2007 Marvel film Punisher War Zone still my number 1
  9. I believe it went something like this... mumble, mumble, mumble, Dirt Bikes, mumble, mumble, Al Qaeda in Public Square, mumble, mumble, mumble, Cleveland is Booming, mumble, mumble, mumble, Cleveland is Failing, mumble, mumble, mumble, Don't Mention My Nephew... Something to that effect.
  10. Well... good luck to them then. I have a lot of wonderful memories at Richmond Mall and would hate to see it go the way of the Euclid's or Randall's.
  11. TBideon

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    Gentrification is probably the reason why NYC and LA have seen such massive drops in crime the last 15 years; the poor just can't afford the rent or property taxes. But in all honesty Cleveland hasn't had any significant gentrification, and the investment its seen is limited to parts of a handful of neighborhoods. As such its crime numbers are pretty consistent with little blips or troughs here and there.
  12. TBideon

    The "Generation Gap"

    I thought iGeneration was catching on?
  13. TBideon

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    There really is no one reason why crime is up. There are a lot of damaged and horrible people out there with ample opportunity to destroy. It's just a fact of life, and American society is both unwilling and unable to come to a consensus on making those numbers manageable and comparable to Western European rates.