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  1. ^^^You've shown that before. The real pedestrian improvements are the marked crosswalks, curb bulbs, and median. A pedestrian never has to cross more than one lane of traffic. The roundabout just keeps traffic moving. You'd be better off with those other pedestrian improvements and 4-way stops.
  2. X

    The Trump Presidency

    "I sure hope my supporters don't start engaging in political violence in the streets, wink wink. Because if they did they would be very successful at it, wink wink."
  3. Roundabouts take a lot of driver attention. The last thing they'll be looking for is pedestrians. Save the roundabouts for highway offramps and oversized suburban boulevards- any place where free flow of traffic matters more than pedestrian convenience and safety.
  4. Across from Wagner Awnings- nice looking new construction!
  5. So if the 925 Euclid redevelopment gets off the ground soon, we'll have that entire block under construction at the same time!
  6. I hope they don't go with that roundabout at W. 65th. Roundabouts are awful for pedestrians.
  7. There's no room for anything like that on Franklin. I'm guessing they're talking about those little middle-of-the-intersection planter/gardens that are just big enough to make you slow down to go around them.
  8. Converted? The plans that were presented were always for new construction.
  9. X

    Police Use of Force

    ....a good guy with a gun.
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    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    She was one of, if not the first, to write about us. Very sad to lose her. And a very bizarre crime, as well.
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    The Trump Presidency

    I think that's the happiest I've ever seen Trump look. Seriously, how often does the man actually smile?
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    Nobody is debating your first paragraph. The point people are making is that it's a measure of how undemocratic the Senate is. Anyone who still doesn't understand that point is being an idiot, to use your standard.
  13. At one point Uptown Phase III was supposed to be that little patch of grass between Uptown and Moca. I wonder if they've just decided to keep it as a park permanently. It's not a bad greenspace, but it definitely leaves that end of Uptown feeling unfinished to me.
  14. Some of that stuff in Gates Mills isn't actually authentic to the early/mid 1800's, but was actually built later, or renovated to look more "Western Reserve/New Englandy" when it started to become a wealthy enclave in the early 20th century.
  15. X

    The Democratic Party

    It's a wave, but the Republicans have an awfully high seawall in a gerrymandered House, non-population based Senate, and for 2020- the Electoral College.