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  1. I have not talked to any engineers on this project, but generally gravel trenches promote water drainage. As has been noted before, water will stand at that particular site when it rains. I would think the area was graded to encourage water to drain toward the gravel trenches. The 'black membrane/tarp' noted above was probably used to line the trenches to keep out as much dirt as possible. Then again, it could be for a totally different purpose.
  2. Why does the enquliar have to be so 'low budget'? They should take a little pride in their community!
  3. ^ Depending on which bombs they used! But if their intent was to destroy that particular target...they had an arsenal very capable.
  4. Time

    Airline Industry News and Discussion

    And there are still people who doubt the power of 'Big Oil'. Although decent management at airlines is still something to be desired!
  5. I would be surprised to see any high-rise for this project anytime soon. They have three years left on their TIF agreement, then they will seek an extension... it will get approved because they start building the town homes and newport officials are all giddy... complete build out will be in 15-20 years. (as UncleRando stated) Current newport officials will be on their death beds taking credit for this project that has probably been scaled down as mention in the previous post. :-D
  6. Another sad day for America! I didn't see any mention of it in the cnn article above, but the enquliar version mentions that they will sell off "nonecore assets".
  7. So I am not the only one battling the ignorance on the enquliar site?
  8. Are these people 'simple minded' or what!? :wtf: They are the reason this is being built in the first place. They act as if the only people who are going to be shopping there are from their community. These developers & businesses do not care about municipal boundaries, wow! unbelievable!!!... :drunk:
  9. That's what Urban Ohioans do best!
  10. Nooooooooo! I love that tacky thing. It's how I tell what time it is when I'm on the roof of my building! I like that clock too! The time is always right and it's convenient from different buildings. I don't see how anyone could not like it, typical locals who complain about everything I guess...
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    Hello was a great program, I used it for sharing pictures. I am not happy with google about their decision, no reason to have picasa now.
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    "Upstate" Ohio?

    Heck, the average american has no idea which ocean is on what coast, but everyone seems to know the great lakes, especially lake Erie. I have not heard anyone use the term 'upstate' or 'downstate when referring to Ohio, I haven't heard anyone use those terms for california either, only when referring to new york state. The official terms for Ohio would be the directional terms of North West, North East, Central, South West, and South East. I have yet to find anyone to use the term East Coast when referring to places south of the washington dc area. people from north or south carolina do not use those terms, and neither do people from florida.
  13. WOW! The lousy attitudes & close-mindedness of members of this forum is astounding and could not be overstated!! I find this not to be a true representation of Ohioans.
  14. Louisville over Covington is probably more accurate, from their perspective, but that's just being nit-picky, I suppose. That was probably a smart move on kentuckys part. The only people who differentiate Cincinnati & northern kentucky are people who are from the Cincinnati metro, the rest of the world considers it Cincinnati, Ohio and has no idea about northern kentucky. As far as status is concerned, it would have been associated with Cincinnati just like CVG.
  15. I think the only place you will find a bloomingdales in the whole state of new york is probably new york city. The only reason macy's has a secondary office in new york is because terry wants to live there. Almost all corporate functions take place in Cincinnati, including their annual meetings & corporate events.