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  2. ck

    The Trump Presidency

    POTUS directed someone working for him to commit multiple felonies, committed multiple felonies himself by doing so, and has lied about it repeatedly to the public. That alone really should be enough. The Russia stuff - that's going to come out and will be overwhelming to the current skeptics, but really, it shouldn't be necessary to remove the man from office based on what we've seen just through the hush money payments. As far as an analogy to Edwards - he was taken to trial and found not guilty on 1 charge and the others were a mistrial. If Trump gets taken to trial, then maybe we can talk about an equivalence.
  3. jeremyck01

    Urban food deserts

    ^Really interesting article.
  4. freefourur

    The Trump Presidency

    It's sad to see GOP senators making excuses for Trump's felony. The GOP is only about personal responsibility for poor people and minorities.
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  7. jonoh81

    The Republican Party

    I'm beginning to think no Republicans here are going to address those state legislatures. Color me shocked. But did you hear Christmas is under attack?
  8. Sir2geez

    The Trump Presidency

    Please explain to me why the Trump campaign had so many contacts with Russians and why they all lied about it?
  9. Ram23

    The Trump Presidency

    In the context of what the investigation is purportedly focused on - illegal, coordinated actions by Trump and the Russian government to interfere with the sanctity of the election. It's becoming more clear that Russia was simply attempting to cause chaos and fuel distrust and unrest among the American population. They've achieved that, and every day that Mueller spends digging through the dirty deeds of Trump's acquaintances' pasts only adds to their political victory.
  10. DEPACincy

    Cincinnati: State of Downtown

    Ditto. It's not even close.
  11. Tony George said he would move his restaurants and business out of Cuyahoga County if it passed the LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance. So the county said, "bye." Edited to direct this part to the correct person... But @YABO713 this property acquisition isn't Tony George's. It's his tail-wagging kid's.
  12. I'm not sure where you heard that, but I assure you that is not the case. Edited to add: @KJP did forget about Tony George saying that, but Bobby George did come out and disagreed with his father. But I also meant to imply that there are other transactions the "tail-wagging" son is working on.
  13. I thought the George’s were done with acquisitions in Cuyahoga County?
  14. KJP

    In The World: Russia

    This is just east of the Sea of Azov and Crimea.... Gosh, what a coincidence that this is where Russia's Navy attacked the Ukrainian Navy!
  15. This is a beautiful home by Clark and Menefee that uses glass block very well... More images here: https://virginiamodern.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/les-yeux-du-monde-gallery/
  16. jmecklenborg

    MLS: General News & Discussion

    It's proof that the expansion policy leading to ridiculous situations like Cincinnati building a new 25,000-seat soccer stadium when a perfectly-good NFL stadium sits unused a mile south is foolish.
  17. jwulsin

    MLS: General News & Discussion

    ^Lol. Yep... and you didn't even mention their brand new stadium...which few cities will ever be able to pull off (multi-team, great location, retractable roof).
  18. Whoever wrote that got the TIF information wrong. The city approves TIFs not the county.
  19. Church & State News. http://www.cleveland19.com/2018/12/10/ohio-citys-newest-m-massive-apartment-project-breaks-ground-photos/
  20. Anybody taken a drive on the new Route 90 connection yet. It's a good alternative top 471 or 71/75 to get south to I-275. Plus I gotta think it is going to do something to revive that land along the Licking.
  21. Columbo

    MLS: General News & Discussion

    Atlanta just finished a remarkable two-year opening run in MLS that culminated with Atlanta United defeating Portland 2-0 to win the 2018 MLS Cup in front of 73,000+. We've seen some MLS franchises come out of the gate fast, like Seattle, Portland and NYCFC. But Atlanta leads the way. All it takes to replicate Atlanta's success is this: Have the team owned by a multi-billionaire (they have Arthur Blank, co-founder of Home Depot and owner of the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL) Attract a high-profile coach (they got Tata Martino, who formerly coached Barcelona and the Argentine national team, and will be the next coach the Mexican national team) Use MLS' 3 DP salary cap exemptions to pay heavily for three offensive players in their prime (they got striker Josef Martínez from Venezuela, midfielder Ezequiel Barco from Argentina and Miguel Almirón from Paraguay) Have the DP striker set MLS scoring records (Martínez set an MLS season goal record of 31 goals in 34 games this year and he scored 50 goals over 54 games in the past two regular seasons) Attract a high-profile veteran goalkeeper (they got 34-year-old Brad Guzan, who played for the USMNT and two English Premier League teams) Wisely use the rest of the salary cap to fill out the remaining roster with quality players (they got Darlington Nagbe, Jeff Larentowicz, Héctor Villalba and Michael Parkhurst among others) Do all of that and your new MLS team can have a two-year run like Atlanta United just did. Easy right?
  22. That is a safe assumption. There is also the new bar on main St behind the folks from road tripper's. It's on the opposite side of the the street from liberty bar and bottle. I believe it's called Garden Bar and Bizarre but I'm not sure how far they are away from opening.
  23. eastvillagedon

    Political Correctness

    is this better?
  24. YABO713

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    Friend works for the Browns - yesterday was an anomaly with the gates. One was closed due to a perceived security threat. That's why the lines were longer than usual. I haven't missed a home game this year, yesterday was the most full its been. Browns are still selling 97.2% of every available ticket for home games... convincing people to come is the issue. If the Browns beat the Broncos, FirstEnergy will be a 2002 sort of atmosphere for Hue's return.
  25. The residential parking permit for OTR is being rolled out for the southern half (south of Liberty) starting January 1. Here are details showing which blocks will have metered parking and which will be reserved for residential permits: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/dote/news/city-begins-accepting-applications-for-otr-parking-permits-dec-17/
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