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  2. The elevation of the individual to the level of the professional by the internet just so that it can have content without paying for it (goes for things like Uber and airbnb too) is one of the main things devaluing both our economy and our discourse. We can't move forward properly like this.
  3. @freefourur for the win! Meanwhile...
  4. We had lockdowns. Unfortunately the time to plan and prepare for reopening was squandered because most Reoublican-led states and the Republican-led Administration and Senate were in denial. Most still are.... Rather than take that 45 days to develop and execute a reopening plan like most civilized countries have done, the US governed failed to lead and coordinate a response with the states. So here we are: -$3T+ wasted -130K fatalities and counting -Countless others disbled -30+ un/underemployed -Many businesses bankrupt -Americans are not welcome in EU -Life will not return to "normal" for another year or more -For those who have needlessly lost their loved ones, life will never return to normal
  5. Thanks as always to @tykaps! SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2020 Two developments, two sides of town and redesigned, too wo small-to-medium-sized developments on each side of town are finding new lives after they've been significantly redesigned. One was a purely residential development in Lakewood that shrank but added mixed use. The other was a mixed-use development in Cleveland's Larchmere district that has become purely residential. The Larchmere development not only has a totally new design concept but an additional developer involved. Previously, Berusch Development Partners pursued a 20,000-square-foot project with RDL Architects moving its office from Shaker Heights into a 13,000-square-foot ground-floor space next to a new coffee shop and topped by four apartments. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/07/two-developments-two-sides-of-town-and.html
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  7. SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2020 Two developments, two sides of town and redesigned, too Two small-to-medium-sized developments on each side of town are finding new lives after they've been significantly redesigned. One was a purely residential development in Lakewood that shrank but added mixed use. The other was a mixed-use development in Cleveland's Larchmere district that has become purely residential. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/07/two-developments-two-sides-of-town-and.html
  8. I hate bringing up these old skyscrapers-that-never-were, but since you asked @Geowizical here they are. Progressive Tower City (two separate visions a couple of years apart)
  9. Maybe you should worry more about how you're going to fill in your circle than whatever I'm doing.
  10. I read everything. You're still feeding into a narrative of division about Biden- that he's not progressive enough, that he's a terrible person, etc. You claim that you and all your friends despise him, so how much would it really take to change their vote or get them to stay home? That's my point. That's the danger. It doesn't help in a time when we need all hands on deck focused on ensuring Trump loses. You know as well as I that Trump is no friend of LGBT, and while Biden may not be blowing your socks off with his progressive policy, it's a pretty safe bet that he won't stand in the way of it. As for thinking that you would put your friends in danger, why not? It's not like America isn't full of people perfectly willing to put others in danger for their pride or ideology. Go over to Covid thread right now to see that playing out live. And it's also true that there are plenty of LGBT Republicans out there. Talk about a conflict of interest.
  11. 1. You’re not allowed to value lives over livelihoods 2. It is immoral to question the values enshrined in the constitution 3. Covid= the flu Got it!
  12. According to this page, it looks like it would have gone on the north of Lakeside Ave, due south of where the Science Center is http://www.clevelandskyscrapers.com/progressive-corporation-headquarters
  13. So you totally glossed over where I mentioned that multiple free, democratic nations have managed to control the virus, huh. More straw men. I did not say Karens are the whole problem. They are but a symptom of the Right's general psychosis. Your entire argument seems to be that if the United States survives this in any condition whatsoever, then the lack of any real intelligent response to the virus will have been vindicated. I can't stress enough how truly crazy that position really is. The "but we'll manage" is not leadership. It's not a plan. It's exactly what Biden said it was- surrendering. It's a stunning admission of full-scale retreat in the face of a serious challenge. And it is absolutely murder through intentional negligence. Your position here is akin to a Cat 5 hurricane heading towards New Orleans, but officials are like "We're not going to prepare or plan or try to mitigate the deaths or destruction, though. Some people may die, but that always happens, so no big deal. We'll manage and move forward with whatever and whoever is left." That's your idea of leadership? No, actually it shows that while I have the utmost respect for the Constitution, I don't place any value in the psychotic, rambling interpretations of it that have been provided by those on the Right.
  14. At this point it's obvious that you don't read anything I say, including the part where I said I'm voting for Biden and you should too. And you accuse me of blindly putting my friends in danger our of pride? How dare you.
  15. @CleveFan, et. al. What Our Skyline Could've Been I'm missing a couple things, specifically since I don't know where Progressive Tower is supposed to go (information on that please), and also I can't find the original drawings for the rest of Tower City that was never built (where the existing parking lots are I believe...). If anyone has that type of image that would be swell. I really enjoyed making the Ameritrust model (I'd like to think it is very accurate), it actually makes me wish SW could've just recycled that plan and used it for their HQ. It would've been such a cool supertall to have. If built it would currently be tied for 11th tallest in the US with Chicago's new Vista Tower. 1. Ameritrust Center Height: 1,198 ft 2. Weston Superblock Height: ~310 ft (tallest building) 3. Doubletree at Couthouse Square Height: 350 ft 4. Lakefront Development Height: ~150 ft 5. NuCLEus (Original Proposal) Height: 647 ft 6. Cleveland Trust Tower Phase II (The 9) Height: 382 ft 7. The Lumen at Playhouse Square Height: 396 ft
  16. At the same time, we have limitations because of the rights we enjoy in our country on how we can respond vs other countries ability to make more authoritarian changes. You speculate that a continued lockdown may have stopped things. It may have. You like to point out the "Karens" of the world as if they are the whole problem. They are a minority just like the welfare queens that conservatives point too. If people are responsible, wear a mask when out and practice distancing, we will be fine. Yes, there will still be cases but we will manage. That has always been the goal from the beginning. I hear a lot from those on the extreme left that we need to shut everything down unitl we have a cure, and if people get sick, we need to shut down again. That is a fallacy. Just like the flu, people will still die, that does not mean you stop and go back to lockdown. It means you move forward. You talk about my views on Freedom of Speech as silly. It shows you have zero respect for the Constitution and any rights that fit your worldview. It is a shame. It really diminishes your ability to claim any moral high ground. I urge you to sit back, take a breath, enjoy the rest of the 4th of July weekend, have a few beers, blow a few things up, and celebrate America.
  17. You're attempting to create division where they really shouldn't be any this time. 3rd party and party-crossing Democrats helped bring in the Trump era. And we have 133,000 dead and counting because of it, some of them people I know. And that's just part of the damage he's caused. Who knows what could happen if Trump wins again. And yet here we are, with people like yourself *still* talking about relatively minor policy differences as if they are deal breakers. I honestly don't get it, I really don't. This is the epitome of "We have met the enemy, and he is us". Why do you think the outcome of your principled vote will be any different this time? I really don't see any difference between you and a Trump supporter. You're both so blinded by ideology or in the worship of a movement, the fate of the nation is always going to be secondary. Trump is not the only existential threat to the nation, because he can't be one without so many people helping him. That certainly includes all those willing to look the other way by creating imaginary monsters.
  18. So idk if I was inspired by @jmecklenborg's post or from heat exhaustion but made the push for cbus last night. Rolled into town around 330a- traveling like a Bedouin! Hah And @metrocity I stopped in CF for a hot minute, wish I would've seen that sooner!
  19. Sad thing about the crazy lockdown crowd is if we would have just stayed locked down for say, another month, they wouldn't have to be so crazy now, because the virus would be a lot more beaten as seen in many other countries... but armed Trumpers egged on by their Leader forced governors to relent.
  20. There are so many straw men in this response, you could open a Hobby Lobby franchise. No one argued COVID was the most important thing facing humanity. It's just but one issue, but it is serious. No one has argued that the China model is the only effective response. There are multiple free, democratic nations that had far better responses than we did, as well. No one argued that life cannot exist without complete eradication. Again, other nations have managed to do it with far less societal impact. What things did we learn that are now being used as mitigation tactics, especially when the on-the-ground reality is that that virus is spiraling out of control in most states? What exactly is being mitigated at this point? How are things better now than they were 3 months ago? You're not living responsibly, though, are you. And you're not truly advocating anyone else do so, either. The fact that you're chalking up any response as caving to fear is the kind of asinine rantings we see in all of those videos of Karens freaking out about being asked to wear a mask at Whole Foods. Believe me, I truly wish that the virus only impacted people as if this were the Darwin Awards, but it doesn't work that way. Stupid people being irresponsible can and will kill others who aren't. All the virus cares about is having a host. Not your politics, beliefs, silly views on freedom of speech or bizarre take on living life during the pandemic. This blase attitude about living life without fear is better left to commercials about still being able to play in a band despite your erectile disfunction, not when hundreds of thousands of people are dying.
  21. There is a lot of inconvenience on people. This is acknowledging the reality of the situation and choosing not to shierk our responsibility to society. You see a lock down as saving lives. A lock down will kill countless more than will save. Sure it may stop Covid, but there will be many others who die from other ailments. The solution to combat the disease cannot be worse than the disease itself. This is what the crazy lockdown crowd forgets.
  22. The median family income in my city is $32,455. So more than half of my city is poor. What middle class are we talking about again?
  23. ^ and there it is. The conservative solution. People will die and we just have to deal with it before we cause any sort of inconvenience to anyone. The rest of the world can figure it out but Murica is to good to do it.
  24. I don't care about feeling good, that cause is long gone. I want you to vote for Biden, AND primary out establishment Democrats, AND canvas/petition/protest, AND participate in mutual aid.
  25. And that is again the wrong approach. Lockdowns are not the answer. You want a lockdown, go move to China and live under the communists. There is much more to life than Corona. To act like this virus is the singular most important thing facing humanity is just plain wrong. To act like life cannot exist until we get rid of the virus is pathetic, dangerous and an example of giving into irrational fear. These beliefs are the problem just as if acting as if nothing has changed is (although I would argue those who want to lockdown everything are worse because they are more selfish). The time for any lock downs are done. We will not go back and we will have to live with it. We have learned a lot to mitigate things over the last 4 months that make mitigating things better now than they were 3 months ago. The people who want to lock down and cry that not locking down is akin to murder have more blood on their hands than anti-lockdown people. The lock down crowd is a pathetic narrow worldview that only takes into account a selfish opinion of people who choose to live in fear. The time is to live responsibly and recognize the disease is hear and live with it. Be safe, take precautions, wear a mask and practice distancing. You want to stay home, that is your right too, but it is not your right to tell others how to live their life as long as they are doing so responsibly.
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