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  2. ^Those straps are meant to be temporary, until a real fix can be funded. The building suffered damage during construction of public square.
  3. They said they want to buy and build over that section of Wade between John and Central Ave. You do that and now you've lost the ability to have a super cool dare I say "European" feeling area of small streets on a tight street grid. If they really wanted to make this small area pop, so the stadium feels like a cool European stadium nestled into a neighborhood, when they tear down the TriState wholesale/ballet building, they should extend Bauer over to Central Parkway as a Pedestrian only street. I guess maybe I am wrong and they will do something fun like this. But every design we have seen to date shows this as standard American stadium, with nothing about it that references the architecture around it, and surrounded by as much parking as possible.
  4. So Giuliani is next on deck for indictments/trial/conviction. It is thought that he will be indicted for FARA violations at the minimum. It is also thought that the tag team of Lev and Igor were under FISA scrutiny in having their phones tapped. Who knows what communications they picked up of Rudy since he was hanging out with them all the time and also perhaps the communications directly with the president. So now that they are indicted how long has a FISA been going on against Rudy? How many phone calls have they picked up with Trump with various Fox news personalities?? Will Hannity be next? Will there be RICO charges against Fox since the Ukraine conspiracy scandal is being coordinated via their cable channel?
  5. This is exactly what I was going to say. Having existing buildings to work around makes new developments harder but it also makes them better. Even if the buildings ultimately get wrapped up into a larger building like 15th and Vine it still accomplishes the goal of preserving the historic facade, breaking up the mass and making the building unique.
  6. I proposed Garrett Morgan Parkway when it was still a concept.
  7. That's a fair point. Honestly I couldn't care less about the personal life of politicians unless it affects their position or shows a lack of candor. What I care about is breaking the law and using public office for blatant and acute personal gain. Clinton doing what he did and it only coming to light after years of digging for something else didn't feel like something that really affected his public service (you'd have to stretch to make the case). Trump committing felonies to obtain an office which he has then shown no qualms about using for personal enrichment is a big problem in multiple ways. But I'll get off my horse now... Overall fair points made.
  8. Cleveland seems obsessed with naming roads, buildings, parks, etc. after local politicians. Let's hope they don't do it again with this road. Can't we instead try to honor war heroes, industrialists, philanthropists and the like?
  9. I don't know what the brackets are but the Park Building was turned into condos in the past 10 years or so. I guess one would consider that work a restoration.
  10. Thank God we won't have to see that All-star game patch on the sleeves next year. What are they replacing it with - a new logo? Block C? Nothing?
  11. I had a similar reaction; I've e seen, heard, and read plenty of iterations involving transit over the past few years here and this is the first one that actually left me with some promise. I am very curious because I believe this is the first time we have actually seen hard timeline of implementation and the hiring of a design build company like Kimley-Horn. To me this reads as someone or some big names have decided to hold the cities feet to the fire. Just basing it on the route, this transit corridor would connect Nationwide (DTWN), possibly Cover My Meds, OBM, Nationwide Grandview Yard, Battelle, OSU, CAS, Riverside, Ohio Health, and countless other big things like the Schott, OSU Innovation District, Crew Stadium. If ever you could assemble a list of big names in the city that can make something happen, this list checks off about half or more of them. This whole thing is very interesting all around.
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  13. It's almost as if the Chairman, who's holding a hearing about an inquiry into the President's activities, should be notified that the President is attempting to intimidate and discredit a witness in real time. And speaking of Twitter while working. When's the President gonna put his phone down and do some work? But, ok boomer, keep on with the deflection.
  14. I'm sure he wasn't reading it. His staffer probably informed him that the president intimidated the witness live. Why is the President tweeting when he should be working?
  15. This is an impressively thorough restoration. Cant imagine the work that goes into something like this. EDIT: Which reminds me... what's the deal with the Park Building next door? They've had those brackets on the corners forever... I assume the building also needs a restoration?
  16. @ASPhotoman haha... first thing I thought of. Come on @KJP lets see that BLOG POST!
  17. So where in atlanta will this be built. Or are doing a HQ 2 and build another in Austin?
  18. I wonder if this also has anything to do with an increase in transplants from more urban areas. I was actually really excited after reading that article. I think this is the first time this has happened for me after reading a Columbus mass transit article. This time, it actually feels like something could happen. The main reason that I think I'm excited is that this corridor goes right through OSU's new innovation district plans. I think OSU is probably pushing really hard for this. I wonder if it's part of a larger plan to attract a large company to anchor that district(which would also explain wanting to have the transit built within 5 years), like it was rumored that Apple was supposed to do. OSU very much wants to keep alumni in Columbus after graduation. There are a lot of east coast students that go to Ohio State. This would be a good step in making Columbus more attractive to them.
  19. I don't think there is another city in the country, even those 20 times the size, that has so monumentally restored, renovated or converted excess or deteriorated space into new CBD homes. It's amazing! The citizens, developers and community leadership should be proud of this tremendous accomplishment!
  20. I hope it doesn't look too ugly when it is finished. I assume each direction will be 4 lanes on the old bridge, a wall, and then 2 more lanes on the new bridge?
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