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  2. You're right. Incredible. We're talking about almost 25 miles in that pic from Lakewood to Eaton in Chagrin Highlands. Even farther given the pic was taken well west of Lakewood.
  3. I believe Hilton 1.0 also had a climbing crane, although that was a couple years before WMC. Before that, I think the last one was probably the North Bank Condos. I don’t think the Children’s hospital tower had one and I don’t think the Riverside Hospital addition hasn’t one either.
  4. Conservatives threw out their Keurigs and burned their Nikes. Boycotts are free speech and as "American" a value as you can find. Not sure what your issue is other than, per usual, you only post about fake, contrived cultural issues in which you appear to be upset that people don't bend the knee like you.
  5. "Hail to the Redskins" is trending tonight. Here's why:
  6. The MLS in Back Tournament had another game postponement. Sunday morning's game between D.C. United and Toronto was postponed because each team had one player that produced an unconfirmed positive before the match. However, both teams participated in another round of testing later on Sunday, and all players from the two clubs tested negative. Based on those results, the game will be played Monday morning at 9 a.m. ET. The player who tested positive and the player whose test was inconclusive will undergo additional testing and will not play in tomorrow’s match. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/07/12/mls-postpones-toronto-fc-vs-dc-united-match-be-rescheduled
  7. You do realize that Unanue is of Spanish origin, not Latino, right? I know a lot of people get the two mixed up, but there is a difference between Hispanic and Latino. Hispanic just mean Spanish-speaking. Latino refers to those who are from Latin America. People from Spain are Hispanic, but not Latino. People from Brazil are Latino, but not Hispanic. People from Spain are basically just white people, and Goya is a European, not Latino company, despite who their customer base may be.
  8. The health of the Crew's central defenders bears watching. There wasn't any post-game update about Wormgoor, other than Porter saying he was being checked out and expected him to be out for their next game. The other veteran central defender Jonathan Mensah took a knock to his leg in the 86th minute and stayed down for an extended time before getting up and finishing the game. As for the injuries of players not in the Gameday 18 -- Santos, Valenzuela, Adi and Francis. Porter described them as soft tissue injuries and not something major. So they possibly could be returning sooner rather than later. And as for the mystery Crew player who tested positive for COVID-19. That player remains a mystery. But Coach Porter did say that the player who tested positive has since tested negative. So that's great to hear. The next game is Thursday 10:30 p.m. ET against the New York Red Bulls, who won their opening game against Atlanta 1-0.
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  10. GAME 3 of the 2020 regular season / GAME 1 of Group Play in the MLS is Back tournament: https://www.massivereport.com/2020/7/12/21321527/columbus-crew-roll-in-big-win-against-fc-cincinnati-mls-is-back https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2020-07-11-fc-cincinnati-vs-columbus-crew-sc/recap MLS is back and now so is the Crew. After lightning delayed the start of the last night's 8PM opener between follow Group E teams Atlanta and NYRB, the Crew's Hell is Real Florida edition game with FC Cincinnati didn't get started until 11:20PM. On the FS1 broadcast, the announcers wondered if this was the latest ever start for an MLS game (it probably was). The Crew starting lineup and bench was without three key players. Pedro Santos and Milton Valenzuela were not in the starting 11 - while backup striker Fanendo Adi was not in the gameday 18. Early on the loss of Valenzuela at left back hurt the Crew. FCC's speedy right winger Kekuta Manneh raced past Valenzuela's replacement Hector Jimenez to create some scoring chances - the best in the 8th minute on a wide angle shot that was parried away by Eloy Room to keep FCC off the scoreboard. The Crew's injury situation got worse in the 12th minute when veteran central defender Vito Wormgoor injured his right leg and had to leave the game. It appears to me that he injured his knee, but the Massive Report mentioned an ankle injury. In any event, Wormgoor didn't put any weight on his right leg and needed to be assisted off the field. Talented but young 20-year-old Aboubacar Keita replaced him on the Crew backline. The game was pretty evenly played until the 27th minute, when highly-paid DP acquisition Lucas Zelarayan uncorked a dazzling free-kick goal to give the Crew a 1-0 lead. Zelarayan's shot from 22-yards out curved around the FCC defensive wall and just inside the near post for as beautiful a shot as you'll ever see. The Crew followed up three minutes later with a Zardes goal that took advantage of some very poor marking from FCC backline. The Crew moved the ball quickly through midfield from Nagbe to Mokhtar, who slid a pass to the wide open Zardes at the edge of the 18-yard box, who did not miss his chance. After the Crew were up 2-0 in the 30th minute, the rest of the game seemed like a formality. Early after halftime in the 49th minute, Zelarayan drove a beautiful long crossing pass that Zardes neatly one-timed with his left foot to put the Crew up 3-0. Then in the 60th minute, Zelarayan found Jimenez at the left edge of FCC's 18-yard box, who then found Mokhtar open inside the box, who blasted it past the FCC keeper to put the Crew up 4-0. The final 30 minutes was simply playing out the string and emptying the Crew with two subs in the 61st minute and two more subs in 77th minute - which included the MLS debuts of 18-year-old midfielders Aidan Morris and Sebastian Berhalter. And if that Berhalter name sounds familiar, it's because he is the son of former Crew head coach (and current USMNT head coach) Gregg Berhalter. Who was actually in attendance for this game to see his son's debut. All in all -- a game worth staying up late for (if you were a Crew fan)
  11. Great pics, that last you can see Lakewood, Shaker Heights and Chagrin Highlands all in one shoot. Awesome
  12. Meant to post earlier this weekend but we officially (kind of) have a roundabout, folks.
  13. As someone who lives on Church, this is somewhat surprising because their beer garden doesn't even look close to being ready. It’s currently still a pile of dirt with some wood supports in the ground. No volleyball courts have been poured, etc.
  14. Lot fenced and demo equipment brought in late last week.
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  16. It will be interesting to see how tall it will be. The franklin county courthouse building is 464 ft tall at 27 stories. Also the Nationwide building is 27 stories and is 408 ft tall, but you also have the miranova at 26 stories tall and only 314 ft tall. I’m sure it will be bigger than miranova for sure, can’t wait to see renderings when they are finally released.
  17. Good catch, you're correct. I think this will be the first one since the Wexner was built.
  18. The listing for the proposed outlet mall is no longer on Loopnet. It now appears to be listed with CBRE with this image I haven't seen before. https://www.cbre.us/properties/properties-for-lease/retail/details/US-SMPL-3526?view=isLetting
  19. This is from a listing with CBRE for a building at 36th and Euclid. It recently had a mural painted on it that looks like its from 1972. Also next to the wonderful University Inn that was sold within the last two years but doesn't look any different. Don't know what the future holds for that.
  20. I believe this is the device that will allow the crane to grow. It will lift the tower crane to allow a section of the crane to be inserted. Note the hydraulics. I’ll bet once the crane gets to a certain height it will be tied off to the new building.
  21. ^ DeSantis, like his mentor, has been a failure. We are now at the epicenter of the pandemic, so please forgive me when I lack patience and am unamused by selfish, irrational and irresponsible attitudes and behaviors.
  22. nyc has definitely emptied out. at least downtown around my way. i see moving vans all the time. street parking is plentiful. our building is half empty. all the young people are gone, only old timers left. streetlife and traffic have picked up lately, but nothing like pre-corona.
  23. Any project on that flimsy of grounds is unlikely to happen anyway (or likely get delayed from ongoing litigation). Publishing an article won't change that.
  24. massive new development for lic queens on the former amazon annable basin area site: https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-edit-lic-20200712-wcvj23masvd33o2ntwcp36ekfm-story.html
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