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  2. I respectfully disagree. Bernie has some BAD sound bites and video from his past that never really had to be used in ads because he's never been a top contender.
  3. I don't think that it will be "effective" at slowing down Bernie, but it really says a lot about our system that he is able to basically "buy" his way into the race, blanket the airwaves, attempt to hamstring the Dem front-runner (while explicitly running with the goal of creating convention chaos), and siphon away staff from down-ballot races. https://jacobinmag.com/2020/02/michael-bloomberg-billionaires-buying-elections-campaign-finance-reforms unfortunately it's hard to answer this problem without Supreme Court Rulings and/or a constitutional amendment. the article also states the need for a public financing system, which is an uphill battle without those changes.
  4. Union Home Mortgage to more than double its number of workers in Strongsville, add third building https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/02/union-home-mortgage-to-more-than-double-its-number-of-workers-in-strongsville-add-third-building.html
  5. As reported elsewhere on UO, Knez has their name on and has been building townhomes, apartments and single-family homes all over the city. Nothing too major, but collectively, they are changing the face of the Cleveland.
  6. I spoke too soon, the masks are hiding behind someone's desk, not in the cage where they belong. So out of $12 million in inventory this is how many respirator masks we have...
  7. Word today is that Bloomberg's team has an ad barage targeting Bernie of greater scale than the early wave aimed at Trump.
  8. You can see it from downtown pretty well from the street. Here's a view from Gateway Garage.
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  10. It sounds like they need to make some quick changes or else this is going to become a PR disaster. People in this city are usually very excited about any new place opening and happy to support/promote it... but GB currently has 2.3 stars on Google (brought down by a ton of 1 star reviews) while other cocktail bars in OTR have 4.6-4.8. If they want to be reservation-only and not allow walk-ins, that's fine, but maybe have signage or nice people at the door explaining that policy? And if you are going to allow walk-ins, don't lie to people and tell them it's full when it's actually mostly empty, and don't tell people that they don't have "the look" without any explanation of what that means. To be clear, I haven't visited yet, but this is what people are repeating in the negative reviews.
  11. I'm sure we all had a lot going on with the holidays and new year and everything. It would be nice to do this again. Although I can no longer easily walk to Market Cafe.
  12. I went to All Saints (new Irish-ish theme place in the Redstone/Graffiti/Battery Park Pub location) for their opening day Saturday. Quite impressed! The interior (ground floor and upstairs) are very nicely decorated. They put some money into it. Good drink selection. They have a smoked old fashioned (with smoke freshly made at the bar, heh) that is tasty and fun to look at. Just got a cobb salad and wings for food but they were solid. Patio will be open by the time it gets warm(er).
  13. There are plenty of examples of Trump being explicitly racist, so probably a bad example. Generally a fool-hardy goal on a message board. I'm generally in favor of calling people racists if they do and say racist things. Not sure I really understand the question of "why is it important to use labels". They are just another rhetorical tool.
  14. It seems the old Lyric Theater in Fairport Harbor is being transformed into what appears to be an event space for the arts. It's been decades since it was a cinema, and was a venue for live music sporadically throughout the years. I recall once in high school going there to hear a country music show that featured a band doing a rousing version of "Rocky Top." It appears that the original auditorium might be gone (with seating for about 500 or so). I figured it was only a matter of time before FH became the next destination for bored hipsters https://www.facebook.com/LyricByTheLake/
  15. I don't think FL was in play to begin with, it has been shifting more and more red. GA is the bellwether state to watch in the South.
  16. It sounds like that's what they're trying to make it. Maybe the bad social media reviews will actually be good reviews for the people they're trying to attract. Is Paris Hilton coming to town again? Regardless of what happens to Ghost Baby, they've put in a lot of work fixing the space up and getting it up to code. So hopefully something cool and lasting ends up in the space, whether that's Ghost Baby or something else.
  17. I work for a packaging company. They're far from the core of our business but we have always stocked a small number of masks for periodic orders. It turns out that all of the masks - ALL OF THEM - are made in China. Where in China? Wuhan. We just got a few cases in last week from another distributor and are keeping them in a locked cage.
  18. It's a super cool space inside an old lagering tunnel, why try to fabricate some illusion of being exclusive just to ostracize your potential clientele? I feel like in the age of yelp and twitter that doesn't work anymore because while the people at the door are telling you it's full the guy on twitter can post a picture of an empty bar. I always give new restaurants/bars a month before trying them out to let them work out the kinks, so hopefully this all goes away and isn't part of the culture of the bar (like a few others in town).
  19. Lots of disingenuousness surrounding these comments and intentionally ignoring context (such as Sanders's explicit condemnation of Cuban authoritarianism), but that's par for the course I guess.
  20. Why is it important to use these labels? I wonder the same thing when I hear people call Trump a racist based on 'dog-whistles' and his history. I get the initial desire to label people, it's easy, maybe helps shed light on actions, and it feels good to use a derogatory label on someone you don't like, but what does it accomplish? I'm not sure it actually lines up with the goal of trying to get the other person to see your viewpoint - if that is the goal. Maybe it's easier for other, more opinion based, media to repeat the label and continue to marginalize comments from the person with it? Is that why we want to label people in these ways?
  21. Just some random shots of some classic Youngstown Grit... (Ignore the bad photo quality, these were shot with an iPhone 6....) This is one of only two houses remaining on the entirety of North Hine Street in Youngstown's "Near East Side" - this part of the East Side is even more blighted than the rest of the East Side (yes, that's possible!) This small part of the East Side is sandwiched between Downtown and the Madison Avenue Expressway; as a result, it's heavily blighted and very few structures remain standing in this small neighborhood. This is one of the last survivors and it's a bit of a fixer upper! The only possible future this neighborhood has is in industrial development. With the close proximity to Downtown, I-680, and the new "Chill Can" factory a few blocks over, I'm hoping to see his area get redeveloped. Eventually, that is. I'm not really sure what this next building is, but I came across is while exploring around some of the lesser trafficked parts of the West Side; the Steelton neighborhood to be exact. This building is on Waverly Street at the bottom of the hill next to the railroad tracks. I don't know what the building's purpose was, but I assume it had something to do with the steel mills. Lastly, here's two houses on the corner of Broadway & Elm, across the street from Wick Park. Sadly the green house was damaged by an arson next door as another user pointed out earlier. I'm gonna try to get more pictures of houses and buildings in Youngstown... The problem is, I'm not too eager to walk around and take pictures in some parts of town However, there's this really cool old gas station on Indianola which seems to be nearing the end of it's lifespan that I hope to get pics of soon. Remember to follow my Instagram (@BuildingsOfAmerica) to see all the pics I take!
  22. I was thinking those stone foundations to the west could make for a neat outdoor cafe and wine/beer garden: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.1178498,-84.5095018,3a,75y,38.06h,94.81t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sey47lb8zisyP5c0vk8MHVw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  23. Didn’t realize this was going to have that many units, a potential to have 200 or so people move into downtown is always a plus. It also looks great and is something different for once.
  24. They could be planning something similar to those in The Woodlands, TX; they're nicely landscaped, fit right into the community, and believe it or not, attractive for a gas station/convenience store.
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