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  2. They'll be sharing the space on Huron Road with Whistle & Keg. Unfortunately, not filing any voids but their food caters to the drunk crowd so it should do okay sharing that space.
  3. What exactly are the challenges with the Jackson Brewery that makes it so difficult to rehab? I naively want to fantasize that a wealthy high profit brewery (mad tree, braxton, Sam Adams) would have the capital to invest in the Jackson and return it to it's Glory ...Hell, could someone like Rhinegeist ever want to enter the hard seltzer space and use the Jackson space as an annex off brand space (similar to Braxton and their brand Vive) to use as a production facility/hard seltzer tap room...
  4. Unfortunately, the Jackson Brewery was already a difficult building to redevelop, and the destruction from today's fire makes any potential redevelopment even more difficult and expensive.
  5. But see my reply above. Apparently the business community in CLE is fine with such service.
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  7. DSC_7262-1 by GGG BBB Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. DSC_7288 by GGG BBB Walnut Hills, Cincinnati.
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  9. I bet a lot of it is the Saudis, the Koch Buddies, GM and the oil companies.
  10. "See you soon" but they're using a photo from around 2008 - Terminal Tower is still shrouded in scaffolding, Federal Building before re-cladding, no EY Tower/Flats East Bank #amateurhour
  11. I got it: SW is going behind Tower City and the new police station is going on public square!
  12. It is not just water. Again, some types of emissions are reduced. There is no elimination: Tailpipe emissions result from fuel combustion in a vehicle's engine. Emissions of primary concern include hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), air toxics, and CO2. Numerous studies have compared the emissions of E85 and gasoline. E85 decreases the emissions of CO2, as well as the emissions of many harmful toxics, such as benzene—a known carcinogen. However, it increases acetaldehyde emissions, which the National Institute of Health describes as "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen" and is moderately reactive for ground level ozone formation. https://afdc.energy.gov/vehicles/flexible_fuel_emissions.html
  13. I'm glad that city administration seem to be in consensus that despite the devestating damage this is truly a piece of Cincinnati worth saving. Hopefully we learn more info in the coming days on how we can help support any type of stabilization efforts that are needed/required.
  14. I am talking about the way they use e85 in places like Brazil where all the infrastructure is already there. It would be trivial (especially if the government subsidized it) to convert our national and trans-national pipeline systems to handle e85. I am not confusing anything with H2 fuel. Alcohol when burned gives off water vapor. E85 is Methyl Alcohol. Also, you don't need a catalytic converter with e85. There goes your need for strategic metals. Your Tesla requires us to be involved in a lot of foreign countries, and lithium is highly toxic.
  15. I don't see where those articles address my point at all. Almost all the electricity in Cleveland comes from coal, nukes or natural gas. A little bit of hydro is bought by Muny Light from Ontario. Other than that, you are better off buying a car that gets an E85 car that gets 40 mpg. Also, no lithium issues there either.
  16. You only "need" to provide evidence for your opinions if you want to persuade people who don't agree with you.
  17. And for the rest of the story....
  18. One isn't a trend lmfao Please do Justin Amash next. Otherwise, you're further proving yourself as a bad faith troll.
  19. Depends if they leave ti to him in their will. I would imagine given Jeff's status, they are probably passing it elsewhere
  20. If one is a trend, then what would you call the number of people leaving the Republican party? Meanwhile....
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