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  2. I think they should keep the cleveland skyline silhouette on the floor. They had it on the court a few years back and it was just really cool to see. Probably one of the most original courts.
  3. The Chicago Fire and Toyota ended their sponsorship agreement after the 2017 season. Their stadium was still named Toyota Park for all of 2018 because renaming the stadium would have been more expensive than just giving Toyota the free advertising.
  4. No one has left yet. DiGeronimo approached SHW, not the other way around. And just like in Cleveland, where many corporations are moving to downtown from the suburbs, there are always exceptions even in healthy downtowns.... TORONTO: https://business.financialpost.com/real-estate/property-post/suburban-offices-outpace-downtown-for-the-first-time-in-a-year MINNEAPOLIS: https://finance-commerce.com/2018/03/former-target-campus-may-appeal-to-downtown-tenants/ SEATTLE: https://www.geekwire.com/2019/exclusive-amazon-moving-thousands-employees-seattle-relocating-key-division-nearby-city/ SAN FRANCISCO: https://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/news/2018/10/09/bay-area-exodus-headquarters-move.html If you think NEO is circling the drain, you're not paying attention to the employment data.
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  6. Good timing to get the building glassed-in for winter and interior work.
  7. I can't believe the city center is competing with an outer ring suburb for a Fortune 500 company in this day and age. What in the world is with this region? I was researching the amount of corporations that remain in Cincinnati and it blows my mind the comparison of major jobs between us and out Sourthern brother. The amount of sprawl in this region is appalling and the possibility of Sherwin Williams moving to Brecksville just shows NEO continues to circle the drain.
  8. I’d expect the Lumen to be topped off in mid/late October, if not sooner.
  9. I’m absolutely sure! That’s when Cleveland was actually “The Forest City” because there was still forest:)
  10. Interesting? Adjacent to where those grassy lots are? If built tall enough it would have good frontage on I-71 and be a good way to freely "advertise" the Cincinnati Ballet.
  11. Nothing is for certain until a formal announcement is made. And we may be months away from that. I don't expect anything this year. Keep an eye on SHW's cash flow. If it keeps flowing, we should hear something before this time next year...... Sherwin-Williams' (SHW) Shares Rise 34% YTD: Here's Why https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sherwin-williams-shw-shares-rise-121212292.html BTW, to emphasize the importance of cash flow, consider that, six months ago, SHW had been on a glidepath to get its long-term debt down to a 2:1 ratio by December 2019. But it's already five months ahead of that pace. On June 30, I expected that long-term debt would be $8.12 billion. Instead, it was $7.2 billion. Shareholder equity is only slightly below where I expected it to be on June 30, 2019. I expected that it would be at about $3.77 billion. Instead it was at $3.75 billion. It's debt-to-equity ratio on June 30 was already below 2:1 -- at 1.92:1. According to second-hand sources, SHW officials have said that they wouldn't consider building a new HQ until its debt was down to reasonable levels (I assume that to mean industry norms of 1:1 ratio). I wasn't expecting SHW to hit that level until the end of 2022. If things keep going the way they are, SHW should get its long-term debt down to the industry norm by early 2022. And it takes more than three years to plan and build a skyscraper (even without a site search).
  12. Good to hear SHW is more likely to stay in downtown at this point, although do we know for sure that Brecksville is starting to look like a long shot/be out of the picture at this point? (These types of articles always make me nervous, especially when they contradict current rumors/assumptions, like the fact that SW will probably stay downtown as mentioned by KJP.) Can't wait for some official announcement and/or the designs to start coming out...
  13. In the old days, when everything was great, the billionaire would only take 800 cookies, give 62.3 to the worker, 48.16 to the immigrant, give the remainder away at the annual factory picnic after which everyone would say they should erect a statue for his benevolence...
  14. My knowledge is in transportation. I don't know much about real estate news except where to find it.
  15. Ha, thank you! And thanks for sharing all your knowledge over the years. I’ve been surfing through these forums for a long time and finally thought I’d chime in.
  16. He's a writer for the Brecksville Magazine. His readers are interested in Brecksville. I spoke to him after he put the story to bed. That's OK, it's looking more likely that SHW stays and its R&D stays with it. BTW, I also told him that Brecksville-based Cross Country Mortgage is likely to move its HQ downtown too. The company has bought a lot of property on the east end of downtown, between Superior and Payne.
  17. Welcome @Nickel Plate RR! I'm a big fan of your forum name, and your namesake! I live just 10 houses from it in Lakewood.
  18. Here are a few visuals of the former Lazarus warehouse that sits within the Scioto Audubon Park Metro Park: Overview of the entire Scioto Audubon Metro Park and surrounding areas with the former Lazarus warehouse marked: Close-up aerial of the former Lazarus warehouse within the park. The park's water tower and climbing wall are located across an interior access road from the warehouse: View of the renovated front of the warehouse:
  19. We haven't heard much from the Whittier Peninsula west of the Brewery District because the completion of Scioto Audubon Park Metro Park a few years ago pretty much completed the redevelopment/cleanup of this area. However, there is one 200,000 sq. ft. warehouse remaining in the Whittier Peninsula that was formerly used as a warehouse for Lazarus. Local developer E.V. Bishoff purchased the Lazarus warehouse in 1990 and has been renovating it recently: Warehouse redevelopment near downtown lures two more tenants One of the largest industrial properties near downtown has continued its revival with two new tenants and a garage. E.V. Bishoff Co. has continued to rehabilitate the 200,000-square-foot former Lazarus warehouse building at 371 Maier Place, within the Audubon Park Metro Park just west of the Brewery District. Termed the Audubon Park Office Center building, it has now attracted two new names. Path Robotics, a company looking to develop automation products, and New Albany-based furnishings and interior design company Bungalow Home have each signed 10,000-square-foot leases in the building. ... The new tenants join WillowWorks, an early-stage investment company launched by Ohio-based prosthetics manufacturer WillowWood to support emerging technology and startups especially in medical devices and other kinds of sensors. The developer also took about 50,000 square feet of space inside the building to convert to a 150-space climate controlled indoor parking garage where it will charge $100 a month. “In addition to servicing the needs of office clients, the garage offers parking for Downtown, German Village and Brewery District residents to park any additional cars they own,” David Bishoff, president of E.V. Bishoff Company, said in a statement. “The garage also offers state, federal and local government entities as well as large downtown corporations a place to store their vehicle fleets at a discounted rate.” MORE: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/08/22/warehouse-redevelopment-near-downtown-lures-two.html
  20. Such great old photos! There were still a lot these buildings in the mid-80s when I was little. My mom used to take us on the bus downtown to Woolworths and when we got to this stretch of Euclid I thought I was in New York City or something. They left such a huge impression on me... staggering to watch them all go, but encouraging to see so much sprouting up in the last few years. Thanks for sharing all this knowledge in these forums, everyone
  21. Blogger: Sherwin-Williams might be interested in former VA Hospital property http://www.scriptype.com/2019/08/20/blogger-sherwin-williams-might-be-interested-in-former-va-hospital-property/
  22. Must be making an impact to instigate such a fear-mongering opinion piece...
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