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  2. There is a big difference between the post-2010 housing recovery and everything before it. The banks aren't funding the same sort of highly-leveraged condo and suburban subdivision developments that they had been since WWII. Developers are forced to put much more of their own money into these things than they had to 10+ years ago, which is why far fewer of them are happening. Like half as many as in 2007-08: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/HOUST That's why all of these neighborhoods across the country are coming back -- because there isn't as much new product + more and more people can afford to move out of mom's basement.
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  4. The Tower City thread was locked because it drifted off into another debate over what kind of retail downtown Cleveland should have....again. And yes, the SHW decision is just a *tad* more important than LeBron's.
  5. Probably only a matter of time before UO shuts this thread down the way they did Tower City’s. This feels like “the decision”? Come on now..
  6. The "craziness" is people freaking out about something they have no idea about and no control over. You just said your source is not reliable, so why believe them?
  7. Dollar General quietly moved into a storefront location at Reserve Square. More info about DGX concepts. https://www.bisnow.com/national/news/retail/after-cautious-start-dollar-general-poised-to-invade-cities-with-its-dgx-concept-94558#ath As of Fall 2018, there were only 3 in existence. Nice to see big chains investing in downtown!
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  9. I was a little surprised they had a rendering prior to conducting their geotechnical sampling and analysis. But when I heard the per-square-foot costs of this building, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Geis needed a rendering anyway as part of their marketing materials to financiers, which is why they drafted one before doing the geotech. I think when you see the price of these condos, the cost of the building would have to be nearly triple the per-square-foot costs of The Lumen in order for Geis to call it off. Most of you hoping to buy a condo downtown with the delivery of this building are probably going to be disappointed. I think only @MyTwoSense is going to be able to afford it.
  10. Northside maybe to some extent, but the zoning in Hyde Park and Oakley is so tight that building permits are mostly being issued for remodels or tear-downs and rebuilds. Permits aren't a good indicator of growth, but maybe for vibrance or desirability.
  11. From the Sphere's website: COMMUNITY AMENITIES Rooftop Swimming Pool with sundeck Fitness Center with strength training room and yoga room Billiards and Game Rooms Resident Lounge with Widescreen Televisions Tennis Court and Courtyard with Barbecue Grills (Re-Opening Spring '19) Business Center with WiFi Access Located in Trendy Playhouse Square Minutes Local Restaurants Minutes from Public Transit 15 Minutes to Cleveland Clinic Hospital Parking Garage Available Central Laundry Facility Package Acceptance 24 Hour Concierge 24 Hour Onsite Maintenance
  12. This is gonna be like LBJ’s “The Decision”. I can’t stand it. Someone, not reliable, said SHW is leaving CLE the other day. This craziness needs to be done with.
  13. Analysis of the core samples will determine what kind of foundation is needed (2 weeks). The prorated cost of the above will determine the cost of the condos. If that number aligns with their marketing study this project will happen.
  14. Hating the suburbs isn't the same thing as moving downtown. The growth of Northside/Oakley/Pleasant Ridge is partially due to people who want to be close (a 10 to 20 minute drive or Uber ride) to downtown but still have a single family home in an affordable neighborhood.
  15. I mean are we talking about the 40 year old West Chester couple? Or the 23 year old UC grad student who goes to downtown and otr every weekend to eat and party and hang out? My generation utterly hates the suburbs.
  16. It appears to be a part of The Sphere's building, and the Union Club website says nothing of tennis courts.
  17. Just remember that the 20,000 population figure does not hold true for retail. Stores will not open once we reach that number, so don't get too excited. For example there is one Target serving over 125,000 residents in the heights. Lakewood has 50,000 residents and a vibrant bar and restaurant scene but very little national retail. Downtown is disconnected from the neighborhoods and borders a lake, so its not a natural retail center. And in todays world of cars and free parking lots, and Steelyard Commons funneling away shoppers, it will be that much harder for a retail scene to develop. Go to googlemaps and type in any major retail store, I think I remember reading Marshalls or Old Navy earlier in this thread. Look how spread out they are and how large of a population they serve. They are also all located in retail hubs, surrounded by other major retailers. Nationally retail is struggling. Getting a store to locate almost alone in a current retail space isn't going to happen. You need something like a massive warehouse district project bringing retailers in all at once, and even then the market is still not great for it. Tower City tried it in the 90's and it failed. I know many of you will say that the market is better now, that there are more residents downtown. While there are more downtown residents compared to when the Avenue at Tower City opened, there are far less workers, way more competition with new major retail malls and centers, population has continued to sprawl out of the county, and nationally the retail scene is much worse off now that we have online shopping. Plus the current 17,500 population figure is inflated.
  18. There's a lot more people who think like him than we realize, but are afraid to be as open about it.
  19. I watched it. They were 100% correct. The narrative that the Steele dossier is anything like what Trump said he would do is absurd and intellectually dishonest. I support CNN taking down arguments that attempt to normalize or exonerate Trump's corruption and criminality. The point made by Camerota was NOT about CNN shutting down Republican arguments, but rather CNN giving their audience the information needed so that THEY can shut down misleading or outright dishonest arguments exactly like the attempted equivalency made over the Steele dossier You're not even in the ballpark of excessive bias. Again, there is no requirement that journalists be as blind to wrongdoing as you are, and just pointing out wrongdoing or the poor justifications for it is not an example of bias. It's an example of journalism.
  20. Quote from gottaplan: Thanks Htsguy! Gottaplan---There are 3m people in Cleveland---1.2M if you only count Cuyahoga county. OF COURSE there are at least a few thousand people who would love to live in a condo downtown. There are plenty of younger people with $40-50k in savings for housing. People able and/or wise enough to have that much cash in their 20s and 30s, are likely not the same people that will spend $36k/yr in rent so the the option to live downtown isn't there. With condos it is. Also, and I hope, owners can do what they want with their property as owners and some restrictive 'condo association' doesn't run the place that doesn't allow any renting. Assuming owners can rent, when young people want to move out to another city or the suburbs, they could keep the asset and rent it out. No need to sell and it would rent easier than a $400k house in the suburbs. Plus as others have mentioned 'empty nesters'---why should they want to throw away $36k a year in rent? Clearly many do. But many do not. Condos give them the option to downsize from bigger homes and live downtown without throwing away the money in rent. Bottom line----there is a giant demand for condos downtown---far more than one building will meet.
  21. The WFL is passing by in this pic which cars have to stop for, you can see the train to the right. This isn’t regular traffic congestion.
  22. A few things... Do you have any evidence that BLM was the result of Russian propaganda, specifically when it had its origins long before even the 2016 election (and not during an election year at all) and is based on, you know, ACTUAL systemic bias in the justice system? Is this merely another conservative racist attempt to pretend like there is nothing wrong and black people have it coming? Second, so you admit that Russia is an adversary? If so, why does Dear Leader Trump call them good friends and why won't he hold them accountable for their election interference, specifically in regards to the bipartisan sanctions? Third, you do realize that, according to studies, it was conservatives and Republicans, not Democrats and liberals, who were FAR more likely to fall for and spread Russia-based propaganda, right? No, I don't actually expect an answer to any of this because, as others have noted, you are not a serious person.
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