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  2. We have a lot of things adding hundreds of billions to the debt. Weird critique.
  3. Did you pull a muscle with that ridiculous stretch? Lmao
  4. New York central Beeliner service to points south. W25th st rapid station pic was taken from circa 1967. Columbus rd. Lift bridge to the right of the train.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Pennsylvania railroad Kinsman ave. Roundhouse 1940s. Don’t know year it was demolished? Kinsman ave. Bridge in background. This is the area of Cleveland’s forgotten triangle.The new CMHA headquarters is built on the site of the roundhouse. When the New York central and Pennsylvania rr. Merged in Feb 1968 to become Penn central rr. Kinsman yard was downgraded basically to nothing but a few storage tracks and the mainline by 1969 and 70. It was a major yard for the Pennsylvania.
  7. ^ What language is "E Pluribus Unum?"
  8. Yeah, sadly this is all going to blow the minds of the Better Bus Coalition, etc. This is how things are done in Cincinnati. Do-gooders are led-along and then smashed.
  9. The task of signature-gathering at the county level is pretty huge. Much bigger than city charter stuff. Tim Mara and Tom Luken led the 1996 effort to put the stadium tax on the ballot after the commissioners simply willed it into existence. Then it passed anyway, but delayed stadium stuff by a solid 4-5 months, which led directly to the overruns on the football stadium because The Bengals had already entered into a contracts with The Bengals to have their stadium ready by August 2000.
  10. I'm somewhat suspicious that the county commissioners are secretly opposed to the SORTA tax. We'll likely see two separate tax hikes on the ballot, which almost certainly dooms both. Did they really think they could pull this off, or did they want the SORTA tax (which is essentially a funding mechanism shift, not a tax raise) to fail?
  11. The official White House Twitter account is...playing up Trump's stupidity? Lol
  12. I guess from the street I could never tell how big it really is. Amazing!
  13. They wouldn't, because the first thing Democrats would do to in order to pay for healthcare is take, via tax, all the money your employer currently puts into your HSA, and then some.
  14. The most famous statue in Cincinnati, by far (The Genius of Water), is a woman.
  15. Are cities like Austin experiencing these same issues? I've read in online threads that people in Austin actively fought against urbanisation for years, but I don't know how true that actually is. Are they experiencing these same kinds of infrastructure problems with their development as well?
  16. Not that I'm ever going to actually say it, but out of curiosity - do you say it like "La-tinx" or "Latin-X?"
  17. I think I’ve finally figured out what the ‘art of the deal’ is! It’s begging, from a point of zero leverage, in order to get yourself out of a mess of your own making. Genius!!
  18. Look to Sydney for ideas on improving the offering. Their yearly Vivid event is a 3-week cultural event. It started as a smaller lights show on the opera house and harbour bridge and quickly turned into a massive event expanding into ‘lights, music and ideas.’ They run cruises on the harbour to get views of the lights from the water. They also have events and talks on fashion, film, urbanism, gallery exhibitions, live music, etc. The main event is and always will be the magical light displays on the Opera House, but as a resident I was more interested in the discussion series. I would avoid the weekends and go during the week after work to avoid the crowds. https://www.vividsydney.com/
  19. Yes it was added shortly before they removed the engine.so no one could climb on it when they were getting it prepared to move. I Remember climbing on it as a kid in the early 80s too. These photos are all found from the internet. Lots of searching. Huge fan of Cleveland and rail history. Way b4 my time. I have a big roll of train movements from the dispatchers office from C.U.T from the early 50s. I’m sure you would love to check out. Fascinating how many train movements were made in one day.
  20. Oh jeez.....I used to play CYO baseball down there in the mid 70's. We played on that train all day long!!!
  21. So I love this project but can someone explain to me how they've spent all this time and money designing this project, but when it came time for the logo someone just looked at their Google GSuite account and was like "let's just use this" Edit: I guess they did add that dot, so there's that... (I also don't know why this bothers me)
  22. New York central railroad ALCO (American locomotive company)FP-A and B units (b units had no cab control) pulling a westbound freight past the site of the old original 1866 built union station for Cleveland. Where the parking lot is. Circa 1960 or 61. Bottoms pics are of the station. Second pic is looking west from top of the hill and road to get down in the parking bowl nowadays. Third pic is how it looked before being demolished in 1959 looking south east.
  23. I have a photo somewhere of the Cuyahoga Valley Line train behind #4070 boarding passengers at that park, with the C&O locomotive to the left. Where you shot that picture is where they used to board CVL in the mid-1970s. I rode it in the summer of 1976. I see a fence around the C&O loco in your photo, but I remember climbing on it without a fence being there. Perhaps the fence was added later?
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