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  2. Ideastream's Sound of Ideas Hosting Community Talk on the Future of the West Side Market https://m.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/01/17/ideastreams-sound-of-ideas-hosting-community-talk-on-the-future-of-the-west-side-market The Sound of Ideas brings its community tour to Market Garden on Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 6 p.m. for a discussion on the future of the West Side Market.
  3. Raldo would be correct if Cleveland was the only city doing this. A federal law would have to be passed to make these corporate incentives illegal nationwide. ...
  4. cant hate on coach for putting L's on his record.. not sure what happened to this team, or is the b10 just that good this year?? Still time to fix whatever is going on here. The toledo rockets started pretty nice too, but have sucked ass of late... not a good year for basketball as a fan for me personally.. pro or collegiate
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  6. It seems like the city’s only move, based on SW’s apparent lack of interest in Cleveland sites, as suggested by KJP’s article, would be a full clean-up of the Scranton Peninsula sight. But I assume that endeavor would be expensive, complicated and time consuming . It could easily create uncertainty over time that the site would actually be sufficiently prepared for SW on a definitive timetable. With questions pending, and no word at all on interest in an all-in-One Weston site or any downtown alternative, it’s hard to imagine that SW has not already selected Brecksville for their R&D facility- particularly if we are in fact, only a week or so away from the official announcement of what’s to come. I can understand SW perceiving Brecksville as a very attractive, desirable location for a world class R & D campus. It apparently works from a financial perspective while eliminating unwanted unknowns that would be likely with Scranton. As a Cleveland supporter, in a perfect world, I would of hoped for a more uncompromising commitment to the home city by SW. The relocation of 1/6th of the corporation’s jobs to a suburban home (albeit one so close to the city) leaves a bittersweet taste following the celebration of the new world HQ on Public Square.
  7. ^Thanks. The bricks were so beat up and inconsistent it looked worse for wear for a turn of the century building. I thought it would’ve been light storage and warehouse for a company in the flats.
  8. If you haven't noticed they have removed the RMFH signage on the West and South side of the building. When that first went up I had never seen letters attached in the way they did it. It looked really bad. Alot of extra framing that was left exposed. So I saw a building permit for that about a month ago (can't find it now) that describes replacing the framing. I hope that's what it is because it did not look good. Here is how it looked
  9. The Loopnet posting for the Thunderbird site is now listed as For Lease/Relet. It is usually listed as For Sale. I wonder if that might make it more attractive for commercial tenants as opposed to residential. I am sure they have pitched it to SW, I mean who hasn't. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/Scranton-Peninsula-Cleveland-OH/12944713/
  10. I wonder why SW just wouldn't stay on their current R&D site where they have been for over 100 years. There is enough room to build other buildings on the existing parking lots and green space, when those are finished you move everything a couple hundred foot, then tear the existing buildings down and replace with surface parking or garages.
  11. That would allow SW to maintain their "river roots," be within a few blocks of HQ AND keep everything downtown.
  12. Looks like here is the house for a pilot episode on HGTV:
  13. Looking at the historic maps, it was built between 1898 and 1903 as the Ohio Bell Telephone Exchange. The addition, defined by the different colored bricks, was added by the 1930s when they were used as Ohio Bell offices.
  14. The Bedrock site has been considered. I haven't heard if it's been accepted or rejected.
  15. Do any zoning people out there know anything about the legality of renting out basement spaces for commercial purposes? Does it require two points of egress if it's a straight-ahead walkout? Specifically, I am interested in carving up the basement of this place into band rehearsal spaces.
  16. We all seem to have overlooked what was an original alternative for the combined HQ and R&D; the Bedrock site. Couldn't just R&D locate there, with PS/Weston for HQ?
  17. If I recall correctly, a couple of months ago some forum posters in the know indicated that the preliminary engineering (and drafting of plans and specifications to bid contracts) was just beginning and this process would take about 18 months. This preliminary engineering is for the stabilization portion of the project and not the park itself which would be a subsequent phase. I imagine that as part of this drafting of the plans and specs a fair amount of site work will be necessary including soil boring, surveying and perhaps out right excavation. So it may very well seem like work is being done (with a need to fence parts of the hillside) but the actual stabilization work probably will not start for a couple of years. I also believe a good chuck of funding is still needed. The actual park is way down the road but should be great for the city.
  18. See, I find that to be the perfect solution! Kidding, point taken.
  19. Because putting the R&D on the Weston lots means building a taller, more expensive tower on the Jacobs lot. It's cheaper to put the R&D elsewhere.
  20. Is there any inherent reason the R&D couldn’t be on the Weston site too? If the site for the R&D is truly up in the air, then I would hope the city is pitching this idea to SHW too and at least talking about what kind of incentives could make it happen. This is all assuming SHW isn’t just trying to get a better deal from the city (which would be smart on SHW’s part and unsurprising).
  21. Everyone knows what Republicans are against. Now tell me what are Republicans FOR?
  22. But is it underway or just fenced off? I thought we were at least months if not years away from stabilization. I hope I'm wrong and work has begun.
  23. More of a collection of photos and archival media, but take a look at an application I put together for the county. This lists and shows places that MLK visited in and around the Cleveland area- it has a good collection of photos from his time here as well as some archival video of his speeches and the locations mapped out. It says it in the application, but if you have any media of any sort dealing with Dr. King's visits please get in touch and I'll try and get it in. https://cuyahoga.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=6522a0e8180b46adb88711b76e6024eb
  24. The quote above about the total lack of connectivity between Oakley Station/CenterOfCincinnati area and the part of Oakley to the south and west of the railroad tracks is now (late 2019 and Jan-Feb 2020) getting some "serious" consideration. This is being spurred in part by Neyer Properties who owns the old Kenner toy factory site immediately on south side of tracks from I-71 eastward to 34th & south to Robertson. Neyer is planning that area to become residential incl single fam all the way to senior apts. Fall 2019 Neyer paid for some very prelim conceptual drawings of 6 different ways to build a ped-bike tunnel or bridge over/under the tracks connecting 34th & Disney. There have been some talks with Neyer, the City and Oakley Community Council with tunnel getting more favor than bridge. More detailed talks scheduled for the Feb OCC public meeting. OCC is even considering spending >$1M of Oakley TIF monies toward such a project.
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