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  2. Scaffolding has gone up in the dome and restoration work is underway! Some photos I found on Facebook:
  3. I like it, I was thinking Tiger's status has shrunk a bit lately, but he would probably be bigger than Kraft.
  4. What you’re saying is true, yes. And I’m not arguing against the gas tax increase, as new revenue is sorely needed. I’m just saying funding priorities need to be scrutinized. When our existing infrastructure is in such poor condition, why are we spending a billion dollars for the 16 mile Portsmouth bypass, or the unnecessary 3rd valley view bridge, or multiple new lanes of 271...plus all of the noise walls that come with it? And that’s not even touching transit.
  5. 750 ft tall residential skyscraper being proposed in downtown Nashville, among other projects: https://urbanland.uli.org/development-business/balancing-nashvilles-skyline-with-more-downtown-density/?utm_source=realmagnet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HQ Urban Land Magazine 2-18-19
  6. Trump's biggest percentage wasn't in the wealthy suburbs, but in Cuyahoga Heights.. While tiny, it's the one place in the county where white blue collar voters are concentrated in a definable way. There's a huge industrial tax base, so they have low taxes and great schools. Homes are sold within families and rarely show up on the open market.
  7. That's the Constitutionalist faction.
  8. Should we play the speculation game for fun? My first initial thought was Trump, but then I cant see that given the secret service protection he has had the last 3 years, would not be able to do that. So I am going with Brady.
  9. Not to get too off topic, but I always thought that Downtown was bounded by the river, lake, and the innerbelt, but apparently I was wrong. I know some people define it by ended at the edge of the CBD. According to this map Wolstein Center, as well as the buildings south of Euclid/across from CSU is technically in Central? Is why The Edge got its name, because its on the technical edge of Downtown?
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  11. I don't know where they are located within the county, but the third party trend was present across the state (and the country for that matter). A look at Cuyahoga: Year Republican Democratic Third parties 2016 30.3% 65.4% 4.3% 2012 29.6% 69.3% 1.1% 2008 30.0% 68.7% 1.4% 2004 32.9% 66.6% 0.6% So voters behaved as if Trump was a typical Republican candidate, but Hillary under-performed Obama, and third parties got about 3% more of the vote than expected based on the recent past. It's reasonable to believe that 3% came from Hillary's total, not Trump's. So a generic Dem would probably beat Trump in 2020 in Cuyahoga County somewhere along the lines of 70% to 28%. I think that's a conservative estimate. The real interesting thing to see will be what happens in the rural counties where Trump outperformed past GOP candidates. Look at Adams County. It's is a tiny county, with only about 10,000 voters. But here are the numbers: Year Republican Democratic Third parties 2016 75.9% 20.4% 3.7% 2012 61.8% 35.8% 2.5% 2008 60.6% 36.5% 2.9% 2004 63.8% 35.7% 0.6% A bit of an uptick in third parties, but not as pronounced as in the large urban counties. What is more striking is that about 1,500 people or so that usually voted for Dems switched to Trump (or they showed up for the first time and the usual Dem voters stayed home). Are those people happy with him? Will they vote to re-elect him? My guess is that a lot of them are, but there is probably a sizable minority that are unhappy and will stay home or cast a vote for the Dem. If I had to predict, I would say Adams County goes somewhere along the lines of 70% Trump - 27% Dem. Trump 2020 will still beat out a generic Republican candidate but not do as well as Trump 2016. And I don't think that will be enough to overcome the Democratic strength in urban counties if the third party voters there come home to the Dems.
  12. and on it goes...(but at least it was encouraging the Mexican-American bartender stood up for free speech) Falmouth Woman Accused Of Assault Over MAGA Hat The woman is accused of confronting a man wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat at a Mexican restaurant Friday night. https://patch.com/massachusetts/falmouth/falmouth-woman-accused-assault-over-maga-hat
  13. And buying drugs supports the drug trade. In both of these examples, however, the average person scoring on the street isn't the real problem. Anyways, getting back to my point - that Tweet made it seem like Kraft was some sort of kingpin, which would have been a wild story. I had to go read the article to see that he was charged with a misdemeanor for solicitation. Yawn. At least he didn't pay with a personal check.
  14. No no no!!!!!! You don't need either of those two to win a super bowl.....but you do apparently need an owner who will "get busy" down in Florida.
  15. Antonio Brown and Le'veon Bell?
  16. While I like them all, I doubt it'll be a ticket with two white guys. More likely to have Kamala combined with one of them.
  17. Oh yeah, they can market themselves as the Killer Bees!!!! Good point. And we found out the libertarian faction was just an urban legend.
  18. There are reports that Kraft is not the biggest name involved. This should be interesting.
  19. If you ever got a happy ending in a massage parlor, you probably got it from a slave.
  20. But getting a "happy ending" supports human trafficking. That's how it works.
  21. ODOT is focused on preservation first, and has consistently reported that 90%+ of its funding has gone to maintenance activities over the last few years. Safety is another major priority in their spending, improving intersections, etc. Locals still want expansion projects, however, whether it be the Portsmouth Bypass, Cleveland Opportunity Corridor, new interchanges, etc. Political forces mean these projects still occur here and there, but I don't think we're seeing new highway development (like a bunch of new limited access corridors) as we once did. ODOT/TRAC has been asking local communities to bring more local dollars to the table to make these projects happen. When you see an expansion project, even on the state system, there's a good chance the funding is broader than ODOT. Many new/expanded interchanges are substantially local funded. Mainline interstate widening is usually just ODOT, but many times these occur with larger preservation/reconstruction projects (Columbus or Cleveland innerbelt rebuild, reconstruction of 71 thru Morrow County, etc.). The interstates/innerbelts through most cities have or are being completely rebuilt. These projects are incredibly expensive, and many times have a positive impact on the city streets, such as the caps in Columbus. I don't think we'll see these improvements continue without additional state funding such as the proposed gas tax.
  22. In other words, Laura Ingraham and her guest are fomenting civil war in the USA. This is not protected by the First Amendment.
  23. ck

    Media Propaganda

    I think the scope of what I'm advocating for is creeping into trying to determine truth. I don't know of a good way to determine truth. However, I can say that if a source that was cited said X and then later updated it to say Y, shouldn't we also give as much attention to Y as we did to X?
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