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  2. Reporting from NYC is indicating a high number of false negative test results.
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  4. Idiots ‘BURNING 5G masts’ after conspiracy that ‘radiation sparked coronavirus’ is spread by celebs
  5. There was no concept of a "dated" interior when I grew up. Sure, grandma and great-grandma had hilariously old furniture that you often weren't allowed to sit on (I recall that all of my great-grandmother's furniture was covered in sheets), but the interior of the house was physically unchanged from the time it was built. The only major home modifications I can recall were screened-in porches, finished basements, and the occasional finished attic. There were also storm doors and storm windows. The Ikea-looking minimalist interior was impossible before modern insulated windows. Previously, drapes served the very important purpose of insulating drafty old windows. Moving a house from coal heat to a gas furnace was a huge expense. In fact it still is - the difference is that you get 0% 60-month financing now to replace your 15 year-old gas furnace. I wouldn't doubt that back in the 50s and 60s you were paying 8% in 24 months, and only with a letter of recommendation from your employer.
  6. ...or if Rivers Cuomo was in the military, got discharged, and sent to Wichita Falls.
  7. ^Thanks for bringing this to light. Hopefully this will get some things moving at city hall.
  8. Many of you in the Cleveland area have probably seen this story on the local news. I didn't see it discussed/posted here in the Forum, so for those who missed it on ABC News in their 6:30 broadcast March 25, I'm sharing it here. For me, this was the kind of story that represented Cleveland in the best possible light - featuring one of the city's greatest institutions and human nature at its best. Great to know that a national audience saw it.
  9. There is a theory that perhaps trump still is not wanting to know the numbers of cases of covid-19 and is intentionally sabotaging the efforts of the states to get testing going. It is quite remarkable listening to Dewine today that he is ramping up all three parts of the test(swab, fluid, and test tubes) inside Ohio to be made here in significant volumes so that we do not have to rely on the US government to supply anything. The problem is obviously that the bulk of things are made in China and that the whole world is looking for the items. But that doesn’t mean that a federal government that is committed to getting the materials needed would just throw its hands up in the air and say “States, you should’ve bought more on your own!” A normal federal government would’ve seen that the market was wiped out by the rest of the world and we need to figure a way to supply these items internally instead of using China or the swab manufacturer in Milan. This is government by corrupt morons.
  10. ^Great church, hopefully another use can be found.
  11. The only PD reporters I read are Pluto, Jarboe and Litt. I hope they didn’t get laid off.
  12. My company is hawking bootleg hand sanitizer. I'm not sure where we are getting this stuff from (a secretive distillery) but we're slapping labels on them and sending them to and fro. I don't know how much we're charging, either. I did pop the cap on one of these bottles and it smells like gas station vodka. We also always had a few boxes of the now-famous N95 3M masks out in the warehouse but we sold them weeks ago instead of saving some for our crew. Today I just saw two boxes of them come through...the first I've seen in a month. It's kind of funny that these things are now in such demand...the picture of the dude on the box reminds me of Tom from Myspace if he decided to fire up the belt sander.
  13. Meanwhile, many new houses have been built recently along Riverside Drive, and a few are currently under construction directly across the river from the moribund Manhattan Harbour. Unfortunately, the abrupt economic slowdown illustrates exactly why there is so much risk in building a custom house. It takes at least a year to build, and a lot about your life and/or the world can change during that time. Hopefully these people have plenty of money in the bank in excess of what is needed to finish this and the other homes.
  14. "Effective Sunday, April 12, RTA is reducing bus and rail service by approximately 15% in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Peak frequency on all rail lines will be 15 minutes on weekdays. Rail schedule is unchanged for Saturdays and Sundays." scroll down to "LOCAL TRAINS & BUSES" https://www.centerforcleveland.org/covid-19
  15. Things looking worse in Cuyahoga County: "Over the past 24 hours, Metropolitan Cleveland has confirmed 148 new cases, up from 136 new cases in the preceding 24-hour period, for a total of 1,278 cases. Cuyahoga County saw 117 new cases, compared to 74 in the preceding 24-hour period, for a total of 780 cases. Over the past three days the rates of increase in Cuyahoga County have been growing from 11.8% (from 3/31 to 4/1) to 12.6% (from 4/1 to 4/2) to 17.6% (from 4/2 to 4/3). This is concerning, particularly when juxtaposed to the State-excluding-Cuyahoga growth rates of new cases over the same period which has been decreasing: 17.1%, 14.4%, and 13.1%. Note, however, that this may reflect variations in testing levels by day and by location as testing levels and capabilities remain inadequate. That said, based on the data available, Cuyahoga daily growth rates exceed that of all other geographies we track daily: the region, the state, the US, and the world." https://www.centerforcleveland.org/covid-19
  16. April 3, 2020 Youngstown Pics: This first house has always intrigued me! It is essentially a tiny house sandwiched inside of a much bigger building (which is now a nightclub). It's on Hylda Ave. in Uptown. I always wondered if it is a remnant of the old farming hamlet which once stood here known as "Kyle's Corners." It probably isn't, but it is definitely on one of the roads that existed when the area was still a farming hamlet, and some of the other houses left on Hylda seem like they look much older than the surrounding blocks as well. But whatever the history of it is, it sure is... unique! Here's an old abandoned service station on Ridge Avenue in the South Side. I can't quite make out the writing on it, but it may say "McClone" on it - But, it for sure says "since 1948" on it. This is one of a couple buildings in a small abandoned row of commercial buildings that overlook Downtown. They sit on the "ridge" right off of Market Street at the entrance to the South Side. Next, we have Saint Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church in Downtown. This church was one of many Catholic churches within city limits that was forced to begin the process of closing in order to consolidate with the more economically viable parishes in the city. It's sad to see all these old churches go, especially given their histories, which were often tied to immigrant groups. St. Stevens (Hungarian), St. Stanislaus (Polish), St. Anthony (Italian and located in Brier Hill, Youngstown's old Little Italy), Holy Name (Slovak), and this one, St. Cyril & Methodius (Slovak) are all shutting down. Some are trying to hold out still, namely St. Stevens which has put up quite the protest. It will be especially sad to see St. Stanislaus go as they are known for their delicious perogies! The house to the left served as the priest's home, and this church is located on the hill just above Downtown. Lastly, we have these two beautiful old homes on North Heights Avenue near Wick Park! North Heights Avenue is only one block from the park and is a mixture of well kept homes and ones that are in urgent need of repair. Luckily, there are a couple active renovation projects on this street, including a house that I was almost certain would be torn down. There's also some really cool apartment buildings on this block that I'm worried will get torn down eventually, so I'll try to get pictures of those one day as well. Anyways, here are the two houses! The first one is absolutely gorgeous and well cared for! In fact, I would love to own this house! As for the second one, I know it was for sale about a year ago and was in bad shape. Not terrible shape, but bad shape. I can't quite tell, but it looks like it may be getting some work done to it slowly. It also has a really cool car port on the left side of the house, which you can't see too well here.
  17. ^ Look at the lost potential to preserve history and to activate that adjacent rooftop. Well here's hoping SW project can work up a little magic to save such an old building.
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  19. The primary reason IN has passed OH is because of their slow response vs the aggressive nature of DeWine's. Given the 3Cs vs Indy, one would expect OH to see greater numbers. On another note, remdesivir moves forward, but some patients are being left out due to very strict admission criteria and protocols for clinical trials. https://www.businessinsider.com/michael-goldsmith-covid-19-family-flights-gilead-for-remdesivir-2020-4
  20. FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2020 Lack of city hall tech risks making construction sector sick ....But the same cannot be said for nearly all local municipal governments. Their meetings of city councils, planning commissions, boards of zoning appeals (BZA) and other scheduled public gatherings remain canceled for the foreseeable future. That has stalled proposed real estate developments big and small and their resultant job creation, several developers said. While city officials in many communities say the meeting cancellations are necessary to comply with Sunshine Laws, technology is making that contention questionable. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/04/lack-of-city-hall-tech-risks-making.html
  21. February employment numbers out. The region's overall employment slips a bit again but construction continues to grow at an 8 percent clip.... https://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.oh_cleveland_msa.htm
  22. Right, most of them are toast. That's why you don't borrow money for kitchen and bathroom remodels, i.e. the 2008 HELOC meltdown. Pay cash for toys. A remodeled kitchen and bathroom are as much a toy as a backyard pool.
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